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How did I get here I asked myself as I meticulously formatted an Excel spreadsheet from 35 000 feet up in the air Just a few months prior my friends joked that I had it all I had begun working as an associate consultant at one of the Big Four business advisory firms shortly after graduation My projects and coworkers were interesting but the passion I craved in my career was missing As the aircraft began its descent I closed my laptop and rested my head reflecting on how the fulfillment I yearned for in my work life had already been experienced while volunteering As an undergraduate I prepared and distributed meals to Durham s underserved population at a student run soup kitchen The interactions I had with fellow volunteers and everyday Durham residents always felt meaningful One of the first faces I came to recognize was Mike who always greeted us with an open smile Week after week Mike while grabbing a turkey sandwich and chips promised us that once back on his feet he d join us in serving the community Nearby I also volunteered at an urgent care center where I saw many familiar faces the same people I handed meals to often came in to seek treatment My first day I bumped into Mike still wearing his beaming smile Mike like many others who visited the clinic for Suboxone addiction treatment hoped his treatment would eventually lead to a normalized life I watched doctors listen carefully to patients and work with them to create solutions that met their needs 

As I developed relationships with more patients I realized that the meals I packaged only provided sustenance for an evening while proper rehabilitation gave many the opportunity to manage their own lives One afternoon a couple of months later I arrived late to the soup kitchen Like many times before I saw Mike This time however he was handing out food Mike later told me he was employed and I didn t know whether to laugh or cry More than anything else what touched me about Mike was his triumph when given an opportunity Suboxone treatment alone did not get Mike back on his feet Suboxone treatment alone did not get Mike to the soup kitchen to help serve his community Suboxone treatment presented by caring physicians simply provided Mike an opportunity to make his own choices about his lifestyle and he made all the right ones Doctors do not simply cure the ill doctors empower the most vulnerable Inspired by this reality I began spending my evenings and weekends shadowing doctors and volunteering at the hospital learning about the work of physicians Beyond patient empowerment I learned that medicine is also about building trust with patients I remember Shelby an older patient recovering from surgery at CMC Mercy Hospital where I spent my time educating patients about the center s many free services However Shelby did not care to hear about back massages or music therapy instead preferring to compare our lives and experiences 

She often joked about her non eventful life born in the same hospital that was now treating her she had never left the South She dreamt of traveling far away however a chronic injury kept her away from her dream One day she admitted to me that she felt nervous the first time I spoke to her but told me our time together ameliorated those fears From our conversations we grew closer and developed a fond friendship After she was discharged she left me a note She said she felt healthy and was planning on traveling once she fully recovered that she would miss our time together and wished me well Her treatment at the hospital changed her life and quite frankly our conversations had changed mine My subsequent time with physicians and patients has largely shaped my view of medicine To me medicine is a team sport I remember doctors and nurses in a Charlotte emergency room communicating effectively in order to solve a diverse range of problems that came their way For me medicine is exploration I remember listening to Dr Siddiqui portray how much was yet to be discovered regarding the human brain

Medicine is personal I remember Dr Latta my family pediatrician describe to parents why he would not diagnose their child with ADHD despite her teacher s insistence Medicine is also honest I remember my aunt who battled stage IV cancer deciding to end treatment after discussions with her doctor It is through these observations of physicians work a unique blend of intellectual stimulation relationship building and the ability to directly benefit people when they are most vulnerable that drive me to pursue medicine I recognize the impact of my work will never be solely measured by the raw number of illnesses I cure but instead by the relationships I develop and the individuals I empower For this reason I know that the University of Rochester School of Medicine Dentistry because of its emphasis on incorporating the biopsychosocial approach to patient care will provide me with the best education to become the doctor I hope to be a doctor who is well versed in the science of medicine but also one that takes into account socioeconomic cultural and behavioral factors when articulating a diagnosis and educating patients

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