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How do cells utilize their space and how similar is their purpose and practice related to Nature Cells are life All living beings are compromised of cells Some of them are made with a single cell while others billions There are 32 7 trillion cells in an average human body and if we lined these up they could circle the world's circumference 19 times The cell derives from Latin meaning small room It is the fundamental structural and biological unit of all known organisms Cells are often called the building blocks of life and are the smallest units of life that can replicate autonomously Cells can manipulate and multiply the space they live in Thereare a host of various cells all with different functions and purposes that work hard to maintain the health of the individual The nucleus cell controls growth reproduction and metabolism The mitochondria cell produces energy for the cell And the Endoplasmic Reticulum transports and synthesizes proteins and carbohydrates A person can manipulate shape and control the cells of any living organism even changing the function of the cells in the organisms You are able to distribute oxygen throughout the body help cells heal and amend any type of wound or ailment and aid in the prevention of disease or infection In spite of that cells can also be manipulated through mutations and mitosis 

Some mutations can push a cell in the pathway to becoming cancerous Cancerous cells are characterized by intractable cell growth Cancer is detrimental when altered cells disjoin wildly forming lumps and tumours It is easy to manipulate or multiply the cells through antibiotics and medicines Antibiotics help fight infections and control the growth of bacteria Yet surprisingly there are more bacterial cells in our bodies than healthy ones with 95 of all cells being bacterial Cells are life Cells are nature Without them there would be no life Cells are parallel to nature especially in the way the two work Nature is Space It is everything we see Nature is constantly manipulating space in the same way cells in the body do Mother nature nurtures a seed until it blossoms into a magnificent oak tree She does this by producing cells to aid in its growth and eventually these cells create vessels and a beautiful system to carry food and water to the tree Just as the human body does The purpose of both nature and cells need balance and harmony to support life A tree or a plants biological system has to be in working order to be able to live yet on a grander scale the whole ecosystem of nature itself has to be in working harmony to truly flourish Ecosystems nature rely on energy to provide life just as we rely on cells to provide the same Ecosystems nature need energy to live just as humans need the important function of cells to provide the same The whole ecosystem both living and nonliving rely on each other as this is vital for any life to succeed Producers like plants take light energy and convert it into usable sugar energy in a process called photosynthesis

As animals consume the energy from plants they are then eaten by other animals and ultimately decomposed back into the soil The energy moves through the ecosystem via a food web The human body is also an ecosystem The practice of the ecosystem can be seen on a more minute scale within the human body as there is reliance on a person's own responsibilities in taking care of their health and wellbeing If cells are life and we have become living human beings because of cells then we need to look at how our bodies share the same ecosystem as Nature The idea that the human body is an ecosystem is really a fundamentally different way to think about who we are as humans The human body carries trillions of bacteria cells and microbes The human mouth alone carries 400 different types of bacterias The human body ecosystem is defined as a coherent system of biophysical and social factors capable of adaptation and sustainability over time The human microbiome teaches us that people carry ten bacterial cells for every one cell These living bacterial organisms play an important role in our health with cases of bacteria being able to treat other illnesses and diseases The human body consists of trillions of organisms The bacteria living on and in us make up our microbiome Which consists of the components that create an ecological community The bacteria fungi and archae that live on and in us outnumber our own cells ten to one 

These organisms help to digest food program the immune system prevent infection and influence mood and behaviour The bacterial species that reside in our bodies adapt to the habitat in which they exist in And work to create an ecological balance Ecosystem reliance similar to the reliance on a humans job in taking care of its body to prevent disease infection Cells are constantly manipulating multiplying and nurturing the space in which they inhabit If you fall and skin your knee cells will multiply in order to replace damaged cells and heal the injury Just like in nature moss will multiply by forming a carpet which has the ability to retain water thus averting water loss amid dry periods And can also be helpful in lessening soil erosion Cells in both the human body and nature can be struck with disease The diseased fungi harbours the energy of its inhibitor in the same way a viral bacterial infection strikes a human The plant will begin to wilt scab blotch or discolour with the same behaviour happening in a human being

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