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How does Smoking Affect your Body I have always been intrigued by the sheer number of people in this world who smoke Nasty chemicals and smoke going into your body does not sound pleasant My grandma used to smoke for over 40 years thinking it was okay She got addicted Eventually she started having breathing and back problems I persuaded her to quit that she will get so much healthier Three years ago in December my grandmother stopped smoking because of me Since then her health is slowly but surely getting better The heart lungs brain and so many more parts are negatively affected by smoking Smoking has a major impact on your heart When a smoker smokes they let carbon monoxide into their blood The carbon monoxide then reduces the oxygen level because it needs somewhere to go Also heart attacks and strokes are more common in smokers Common people can also have strokes and heart attacks nut when you smoke their is a much higher risk The chemicals and carbon monoxide lead to damaging arteries and building a fatty material up which narrows the artery pathways British Heart Foundation Blood clots are also very common in smokers When the lining of blood vessels break these clots can form The American Heart Association Also nicotine stimulates the human body 

After your body is stimulated your heart beats much faster and the pressure of your blood rises This is very dangerous and messes with your heart and the functionality Overall the damage that smoking can cause on your heart can kill you National Heart Lung Foundation The negative effects from smoking on your heart you make your body take a turn Having a hard time breathing is no fun Wheezing shortness of breath and bronchitis are just some things actions under the influence of smoking National Heart Lung Foundation Shortness of breath and bronchitis are very harmful to your lungs You are not getting enough oxygen flowing through your system which makes the rest of your organs work harder Asthma is another smoke caused disease that is a hassle Taking an inhaler everywhere you go and making sure you can breathe is just one of the side effects to having asthma People can get asthma anyway but it is much more common in smokers and could be more of a severity All these diseases are minor compared to your lung tissue destroying Destroyed lung tissue can lead to lung collapses and cystic fibrosis Both these diseases and failures can kill you if they are not treated correctly Smokefree Overall any disease that smoking can bring to your lungs is a disease you are not going to want in your life One of the most useful organs in the human body the brain is harshly impacted by smoking Nicotine is a chemical inside cigarettes This nicotine is so addictive that the brain tells their bodies that the smokers need more Cigarette after cigarette this craving gets worse and worse The brain eventually develops extra nicotine receptors to let in all the chemicals Also smokers could experience some memory loss Chemicals mess with the brain and take portions of it over for the nicotine receptors Smokefree Eventually blood flow to the brain could slow down or cut off completely Keeping your brain healthy will help in everyday life and smoking does not suit that 

The lungs heart and brain are affected by smoking but so is every other body part Does night vision sound cool Most of us would probably say yes Even though it seems fun the chemicals in cigarettes mess with your eyes and the functionality of them too This night vision could hurt your eyes to extreme measures Also all the chemicals smokers put in their mouths really affect them Tooth loss gum disease and cavities are a big occurrence after smoking Fake teeth dentures and root canals are common Even little things like toenails and fingernails could have noticable changes Fungal nail infections sound great right Also bones become brittle and very easy to fracture The world is a beautiful place with chirping birds water droplets falling and movies playing What if this all suddenly became silent to you Hearing loss is common in smokers It might not happen quickly but over time their hearing will decrease A lot of people can not stand the thought of this but cancer is also more common in smokers The chemicals and smoke in cigarettes damage the DNA is smoker's bodies including some cancer resistant ones When these cells get destroyed the chances of getting cancer rise As a smoker goes on with smoking their body just gets less healthy Smokefree My grandma has really inspired me about the topic of smoking and how bad it is for your body Watching her get weaker then gaining strength made me realize what smoking really does to you There is always a way to stop and I happened to be her realization It hurts me everyday to watch people light a cigarette because I know it is cutting into their lifespan Cigarettes are chemical filled addictive life shorteners Smoking affects every organ in the body and it is time for the world to take care of ourselves

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