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How explosive discovery lead to the rise of nuclear weapons and the power of them Mr Sisak Period 1 11 17 17 The history of gunpowder has been drastic change throughout history Black powder or gunpowder is believed to have originated in China around the 11th century C E It is unknown who first invented black powder It was originally used in fireworks and signals Also in china gunpowder was used for shooting arrows out of a cannon Years later in the 1300s cannons utilized black powder as a means of propelling a long distance became popular in Europe Cannons became an important part of European warfare This was used throughout the Revolutions in Europe like the French Revolution and the conquering of Africa Most famous is the use of them on boats When 1831 came William Bickford made an invention that is a fuse Which consisted of yarn woven over gunpowder and then coated in tar to waterproof the fuse He was inspired to invent the fuse after seeing his friend make rope and it provided a safer means of detonating explosives Instead of explosives going of once lit you had time to run and take cover or blow things up and take cover

The start of nuclear weapons started when TNT was discovered In 1863 Julius Wilbrand a German chemist discovered TNT or trinitrotoluene It was first used as a yellow dye as it was difficult to detonate and was less powerful than alternatives TNT was not used as an explosive until the 1900s when In 1846 Italian chemist Ascanio Sobrero discovered nitroglycerin The formula for nitroglycerin is C3H5N3O9 Its a colorless and oily liquid He found out that it was servilely explosive and initially warned against its use as an explosive Nuclear Weapons Today the basis for many explosives is nitroglycerin In 1867 Alfred Nobel patented dynamite This consisted of an absorbent material soaked in nitroglycerin and wrapped in paper This was very explosive and dangerous to someone who would be near Around 1955 in modern day high explosives such as ANFO and ammonium This was made of nitrate base water gels These explosives now account for 70 of the explosive market today in date Aug 6 1945 The White House and War Department announced that an atomic bomb possessing more power than 20 000 tons of TNT more than 2 000 times the blast power of what previously was the world s most devastating bomb had been dropped on Japan 

To this date today no atomic bomb has been dropped because it gives off Uranium and it takes a very very long time to decay President Truman was the one who ordered the bomb to be dropped This decision was not easy because it was either send troops in and lose 1 million USA and Japan solders or drop the bomb American plane had dropped the single atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima that was an important army center America to date has spent nearly 2 000 000 000 in advancing its bomb research This was mostly spent during the Cold War when the Russia and United States would build up their nuclear stock The bomb was to end the war Einstein penned a letter to President Roosevelt urging the development of an atomic research program later that year Roosevelt saw neither the necessity nor the utility for such a project He was trying to warn the world that nothing can come good from this invention Years later the bomb killed thousands and left radiation By the summer of 1945 the bomb was ready to test the first bomb On July 16 1945 at Trinity Site near Alamogordo New Mexico this was mostly desert scientists of the Manhattan Project readied themselves to watch the detonation of the world's first atomic bomb The device was dropped on a 100 foot tower and discharged just before day break 

No one was properly being prepared for the result that happened A blinding flash visible for 200 miles and lit up the morning sky A mushroom cloud reached 40 000 feet which is higher than a cruising speed of a plane is Shattering windows of civilian homes up to 100 miles away When the cloud returned to earth it created a half mile wide crater metamorphosing sand into glass because of the heat that came off when the bomb was detonated This leaded to another one dropped on Japan to finish the war once and for all A few years after WW2 the Cold War began between Russia and United States of America U S S R had obtained the network of spies engaging in international espionage with blueprints of a fission style bomb and discovered of sources of uranium in Eastern Europe which help create bombs with fission reactions The United states of America launched a program in 1950 to make more advanced thermonuclear weapons The Cold War arms race had begun Nuclear testing throughout the world and research became goals for everyone with the technology Decades later the Cuban Crisis came The Russians had nuclear weapons in Cuba A naval blockade around Cuba was set in place and they made it clear the United States was prepared to use military force if any acts of aggression was put towards the United States of America

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