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This paper is how I would apply reality therapy with a teenage student case study It focuses on the case conceptualization development goals intervention and strength that I would use Reality therapy is a method that focuses on helping a client examine their own behavior evaluate it and make a plan for change Wubboling 2016 p 311 This theory was developed by Dr William Glasser Reality therapy focuses on the here and now rather than the previous theories I have learnt focus on the past The purpose of this assignment is to help my client Jack a high school senior to accomplish his goals of bring his grades up not focusing on what other are doing and stop thinking less of himself and going to college by using reality therapy Jack is a high school student who has being rejected from his first choice college He feels like a failure he sees all his friends who have put forth the effort got acceptance letters He realizes that he did not put forth the effort and would have to go to community college He feels like it is useless and he won t get accepted It's like William Glasser explained people are responsibility for their own behavior and that they cannot blame past Wubboling 2016 pg 311 Jack knows he is responsibility for his choices he made and the consequences behind and decided like a teenage start having a negative attitude We will have to do some problem solving and help jack make better choices so he can achieve his goal of making better grades and going to college weather it is community college In our first session I would want Jack to recognize that focusing on his friends and what there outcome is may not always be the same for him and that is not always a bad thing and he is not a failure because of this I would first build a relationship with 

Jack I want him to feel comfortable in share the reason behind him feeling the way he feels and why the negative thoughts with him feeling judged Building relationship with Jack would be vital to furthering session as we work towards improving his perception about going to college weather it is community or a four year college also working on his grades I would seek to implement producers that will help Jack begin to change his behavior The objective of counseling and psychotherapy should be measurable behavioral change not merely insight into and understand of past events or current subconscious drives Wubboling 2016 pg 312 I want Jack to explore ways in which he feels he could change Consider ways he can alter his behavior I want Jack to understand that his choices are all teleological in other words they serve a purpose to close the gap between the perception of what he is getting and what he want at a given moment Wubboling 2016 pg 315 The intervention I would use is the WDEP system W help him to explore what he really wants from school What does he want to do after he graduate What do you see when you look at yourself Allow Jack to D discuss what do you think will happen if you continue to think and act this way E self evaluate do his behavior towards his academic and his perception towards himself help or hurt his behavior P help Jack develop a plan using the SAMIC Wubbolding 2015b pg 327

Another intervention is the choice theory which is similar to reality therapy We first look at what do Jack want Secondly what is Jack currently doing going forward and lastly what Jack doing and thinking now is it working 

The difference between what Jack wants and what Jack perceives he is getting an immediate source of his mindset at the moment Wubbolding 2016 pg 314 Reality Therapy allow jack to focus on the choices he have made in life and it also give him an oppunitunity to focus on the results those choices has brought The WDEP help Jack problem solve self evaluates and plan for change The choice therapy helps give him some control and means to attain the five basic needs According to Wubbolding 2016 pg 313 the why and how human beings function and develop explains the choice theory To sum it all up reality therapy encourage Jack to not simply look to for the counselor to fix his problem but build relationship in working together to help him fix his problem Jack evaluating his thoughts mindset and behavior towards his problem while putting a plan in place Making better choices on how to perceive the issues at hand will make a better Jack I work with high school students all day and I believe their just starting to perceive the world more with several issues for some of them Reality therapy give them the STOP THINK WHAT should I do factor to teach them how to overcome obstacles that life throw them instead of just thinking negative and making bad choice and acting on them

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