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How long have you been playing on our network I have been playing UniverseMC for a few weeks Do you have Skype TeamSpeak and Discord Yes I have all three of those applications Do you have a microphone Yes I use a pair of Astro A10s and a few other separate pairs of earphones Timezone Eastern Time Are you able to record on the server If so what software do you use Yes I am able to record and upload any video you wish for me to take using OBS What languages can you speak fluently I can speak English fluently along with that I am currently learning Spanish which may help in the future Do you have any past experience at being staff Yes I have a vast experience when it comes to Moderation Management of Minecraft servers Allow me to explain what these are SPOILER PureLegion Admin 1 10 Players Staff for 4 Months Accepted as Helper October 1st 2016 Promoted from Helper to Moderator November 12th 2016 Promoted from Moderator to Sr Mod December 26th 2016 Promoted from Sr Mod to Admin January 8th 2017 Resigned from Admin February 1st 2017 Duties Moderate Chat Catch Ban Hackers Create documents for new game modes revamp ideas Prison Skyblock etc Staff Applications Sub Team Mentor Sub Team Drift Live Support Sub Team Revamps Sub Team Events Sub Team Forum Support Sub 

Team During my time at Pure Legion I learned a lot of things One huge example of my improvement in general ideas is my time management My time management and prioritization skills have drastically increased and I myself is very proud of this improvement SPOILER SPOILER SpoofyNetwork Staff Manager 10 20 Players Staff for 1 Month Accepted as Administrator August 12th 2017 Promoted from Admin to Head Admin August 27th 2017 Promoted from Head Admin to Manager September 9th 2017 Resigned from Manager September 11th 2017 Duties Moderate Chat Catch Ban Hackers Promote Demote Staff Come up with new content Work directly with Developer for pushing out new content Configure plugins Keep server running During my time spent at Spoofy Network I learned to always stay true to your friends You may never know what they might do for you in the long run SPOILER SPOILER GalaxyCraft Helper 1 5 Players Staff for 1 Month Accepted as Helper September 31st 2016 Resigned from Helper October 19th 2016 Duties Moderate Chat Catch Ban Hackers Although my time spent at GalaxyCraft wasn't feasible I still managed to work in some improvements on myself Ever since my time spent at GalaxyCraft I have been very responsible and I am always on time when it comes to things like homework etc SPOILER Why should we pick you over anyone else I think there's a lot that I can bring to Universe and here are a few things Maturity Many people People I've worked for friends etc have told me that I am very mature for my age in which

I take as a compliment I know how to behave given the situation There is no need for any inappropriate language and mannerisms when discussing a serious topic I know exactly when to be serious and when I can be laid back and chill Patience As everyone says patience is key Patience is a hard skill to develop but fortunately for me I've worked a long time to perfect this skill of mine Many of the server I've worked on have really helped me out with this I ve always encountered situations in which a player will not understand any given instructions This is very frustrating but I learned to just cool off Writing Skills Finally we have my writing skills As you can hopefully tell my writing skills are seemingly above average for the typical 16 year old male Some of my past work include staff handbooks ideas for gamemodes staff applications and more I know how to create a sophisticated and well thought out document in a short period of time I think that all of the skills that I have obtained over the years will truly help both the UniverseMC staff team and the players I will make sure I am very active on the server and the forums and I will put my best effort into helping players whenever possible

Do you have a donator rank Yes I have managed to obtain Galactic rank More about myself Bonus Why do I want to be staff There's many reasons why I am devoted to volunteering my hours here at Universe Firstly I want to meet new people It's always fun meeting new faces and making new friends Being a staff member it is very easy to converse with others and simply have a good time Along with this I can also re unite with some old friends I may have not talked to in a while Secondly I want to develop some new skills I ve made it seem like I am the perfect candidate but that does not make me who you may think I am No one is perfect and I ve learned to accept that Finally I want to simply gain experience As you can probably tell I have a lot of experience when it comes to moderation of Minecraft servers networks and I want to build my resume Who am I My name is Gavin and I am a 16 year old boy I love to play sports such as tennis and soccer Most importantly I love listening to music specifically rap My favorite rapper is Lil Uzi Vert given is variety of music that he releases Thank you for reading my application

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