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Marketing Article Assignment The article discusses how marketing organizations can effectively meet the challenges of the digital age Marketing organizations face great challenges in determining the strategy that best suits their organizational goals mainly because management is stuck with the question of how they should create a new structure instead of going the other way around namely that strategy precedes structure Their research across 10 000 marketing executives globally reveals that marketing is a very fluid function and virtually taps every other function and all employees in the organization right from a store clerk to phone center representatives to IT specialists and the marketing team itself High performing organizations possess some winning characteristics such as i integrating data on what customers do and why ii positioning their brand purposefully for its functional emotion and societal benefit iii delivering good customer experience both in breadth and depth These traits distinguish high from low performing firms The authors identify five drivers of organizational effectiveness such as creating interdependent global regional and local marketing team that have a shared purpose and goals indicating that marketing goals are aligned with company goals inspiring everyone from the lowest to the highest levels to engage with the brand experience the company creates so essentially everyone becomes a de facto member of the marketing team focusing on the right metrics and measuring brand success against key performance indicators 

KPIs such as revenue growth and profit and tie incentives at the local level directly to the KPIs being agile enough to meet demand within a tighter time frame or even instantaneously if the need arises creating new marketing roles such as digital privacy analysts and native content editors to meet with the challenges of social and digital marketing and most importantly continuing to build capabilities by creating dedicated marketing programs for sharing expertise strategy and retail dynamics including reverse mentoring for senior executive who are less social media savvy than their junior colleagues The information stated and discussed in the article is valuable for all organizations small or big that not only want to create a rich brand legacy but also engage with their customers at all levels The advice that organizations must speak to and satisfy the fundamental human motivations is something that should work for all firms that have a product or service to sell Companies that endeavor to get everyone on the same page are at a greater chance of success such as Coca Cola Unilever Nike Visa Netflix Dulux Motorola and other examples cited in the marketing research A great example that comes to mind is Google Gmail which the company tested in beta mode for a very long time just so it could come up with features that customers liked and preferred to use In the company that I myself work with we are trying to forever create a digital savvy and nimble marketing team Graphic design is about combining texts images and symbols for ads books magazines and different types of digital media The concern is always to get new customers that like the work that the company produces and can bring repeat business as well as recommend our work to others We have designing software that enables our young designers to come up with amazing graphics that would be immediately attractive to the client However getting everyone on the same page can be difficult because many a time the management level persons who despite not being so digital savvy have redundant ideas on how to market the products Recently the company was not doing well in terms of revenue generated and so we had several brainstorming sessions on how to transform the marketing efforts 

The single most concept that emerged was Focus We agreed that it all starts with focusing on which products customers need most and how to market those products through the right marketing channels Creating a portfolio of sample work really helped because we could use this portfolio on our company website to attract new customers Creating pop up Internet ads also helped because in this digital age most people are searching for their product or service online and imaginatively made pop up ads can be a USP for a graphic design company Making oneself visible on social media sites such as Facebook Instagram Youtube and Twitter is the most viable and economical option for a marketing organization However I think improving customer experience can be done if we have marketing professionals trained to respond immediately to new customers Many a time I have noticed that customers get put off when their queries are not answered on time and it is natural for them to move on to the next graphic design company The second concept that most applies and appeals to the IT and graphic design company I work is keeping ourselves updated with newer softwares Photoshop Illustrator Coreldraw and Inkscape are what we regularly use but we need to have the more advanced software if we wish to create better products As the authors say building up on capabilities is very important for any marketing organization It pays off in the long run as customers recognize and reward companies that create a good brand experience for them Lastly agility and flexibility to meet customer demands is an important tool for marketing effectively Customers are very demanding so they not only want a quick turnaround time but also want the company to be flexible in that the graphic designer should accommodate customer inputs into his work

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