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How Policy Making in Florida has Affected the Rising Sea Levels  Environmental Systems and Societies According to research Miami FL could be underwater within the next century due to global warming Miami s flat surface and limestone foundation make this city extremely susceptible to floods especially regarding current carbon emissions which have precipitated the glaciers to melt In addition the inefficiency of Florida s Government to create policies in order to lower carbon emissions and create a sustainable environment provide a sense of what the future looks like if there is no feasible solution reached Even though the US government is reluctant to address environmental issues they should implement policies in order to regulate climate change because the many coastal areas including Florida could be permanently affected economically environmentally to the extent to which Miami could seize to be habitable The rising sea level is one of the leading repercussions from the extent to which carbon emissions are being released however there are different factors which play a role in local and global rising sea levels 

Rapid industrialization is one of the most prominent causes being that many finite resources are being exploited for profit allowing sea levels to rise due to Carbon emissions Gases created by human activity increase global temperatures thus forcing ice glaciers to melt and rising the sea level in addition the rising temperatures cause the ocean s water in expand further rising gradually It is expected that by 2050 the sea level will be from 6 to 16 inches above the current sea level The documentary After the flood discusses the effect of sunny day floods which evidently have become normalized in areas near the coast specifically Miami Beach FL which completely floods after minimal rain However there are barriers being built along the coast which demonstrates adaptation to this problem but no solutions Local government in Florida has demonstrated the steps in the direction of adaptation however recently the Governor of Florida has made attempts to ban the terms climate change and global warming in order to avoid discussion about this topic This not only demonstrates the sentiments of the local government towards climate change but the reality of what these policies could result in This exhibits the government s ineffectiveness to deal with climate change Nevertheless there are some policies and assessments in place which strives to adapt to the ramifications of climate change which even though they could be regarded as a step forward in creating solutions for climate change in Florida Research by Florida Department of opportunity broadly outlines possible courses of action to adapt which are as follows Reducing energy costs investments on low carbon energy sources and creating market oriented regulations to guide a low carbon economy while maintaining agricultural competitiveness

Many of these steps are geared to creating a profit and adapting to the changes that come with climate change however it does not provide a long term solution for this problem which could affect Florida gravely However as discussed in before the flood Miami Beach is placing pumps and raising the roads which is only a solution which will be viable for 50 years and does not fix the issue of sea level rise Because of the ineffectiveness from the government other organizations such as research institutions are taking into their own hands what the government has failed to do One example of this is Florida International University and their research regarding sea level rise They have created the tools for educators scientists and city planners to use in order to facilitate sustainability through relevant and applicable knowledge and expertise One of their projects is the Urban Water Innovation Network U WIN which creates technological institutional and management solutions to help communities increase the resilience of their water systems and enhance preparedness for responding to water crises Demonstrating the efforts of institutions to supplement the government s reluctance to take action this is an obligation they have taken upon themselves in order to create a sustainable Additional research has been conducted in order to find a reliable solution for climate change not only locally but internationally Some of the very prominent solutions for decreasing carbon emissions is utilizing clean energy creating climate policies regionally and globally

Clean energy has predominantly been a viable solution to cut carbon emissions this solution provides a reduction of oil dependence strengthens energy security tracks global warming and provides jobs which could create an incentive for politicians who fail to recognize climate change as a problem to support these policies regardless of the environmental aspect Nevertheless there has to support from the government to implement these policies is crucial because there is so much non governmental organizations can do in order to decrease carbon emissions because many companies do not care to invest in sustainable energy due to the high cost and skepticism about climate change All in all current policies have proven to be ineffective and research exhibits an urgency to find a attainable solution for global warming to reduce carbon emissions thus decreasing global temperatures and stabilizing sea levels Even though there are many NGOs working and researching in order to find solutions without local and global policies in place it is virtually impossible for a solution to be reached Climate change is a crucial global issue which pertains to all nations and even though there are some countries which are taking charge and implementing the issue the United States demonstrates diminished promise and commitment to finding a solution https oceanservice noaa gov facts sealevel html environment https slsc fiu edu solutions research projects index html http www pnas org content 112 44 13508 full pdf

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