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How to handle mental illness is a pressing matter in today s society Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in behavior thinking emotion or a combination of these and about one out of every five adults will experience some form of mental illness in there life APA 1 Untreated it can leave the people it effects with devastating impacts on their everyday lives Certain disorders have such horrible side effects it is inhumane to not give people suffering from it proper treatment In most cases treatment is as simple as taking some medication or going to a therapist yet many cannot receive the help they need Despite the lack of care dedicated to people suffering from mental illness research shows the effects of mental illness deteriorates people s physical and psychological well beings therefore treatment should easier to obtain to help them prosper and live their best lives Deleterious effects such as self harm affect those experiencing mental illness which untreated interrupt their everyday lives The nation s largest mental health organization The National Alliance On Mental Illness explains in an article about purposeful self injury Self harm is not a mental illness but a behavior that indicates a lack of coping skills Several illnesses are associated with it including borderline personality disorder depression eating disorders anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder Nami 1 

There is a direct correlation between an unhealthy mental state and self harm People feel the compulsion to self harm as a way to attain temporary relief from their issues and escape their pain It is seen as a way to cope with emotional issues but often leads to other poor life choices such as substance abuse and possibly suicide World of Scientific Discovery a peer reviewed scientific journal from 2010 says Symptoms are usually behavioral such as confused thinking prolonged depression high anxiety panic attacks delusions of grandeur and hallucinations suicidal thoughts social withdrawal and dramatic swings between highs mania and lows depression World of Scientific Discovery 1 Untreated mental illness can result in these terrible symptoms which are deteriorating people's mental states and their bodies Less severe mental illnesses such as anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have less intense effects in comparison to the intense side effects severe mental illness like schizophrenia can have Though the National Alliance on Mental Illness does not describe these effects it still supports the fact that mental illness is extremely damaging and more needs to be done to help people suffering from it With the aid of medication and therapy mental illnesses can be more easily treated which will benefit society as a whole while simultaneously ending the suffering of those with mental illness Mental Health America a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating others on mental illness says Medication paired with psychotherapy is the most effective way to promote recovery MHA 1 Psychotherapy helps the person explore their behaviors feelings thoughts and improve their well being

All that is required to do this is a visit to a psychologist which should be more easily accessible and cheaper in order to help people with mental illness Therapy in general is used to treat disorders and it is usually peoples first choice as a way to treat their illness Even if the person is not completely cured from therapy alone it is a good start to the road of recovery The Mayo Clinic is a scientific research facility that supplies medical research and articles written by scientists An article written by them on mental illness says Although psychiatric medications don t cure mental illness they can often significantly improve symptoms Psychiatric medications can also help make other treatments such as psychotherapy more effective Mayo Clinic 1 Medications such as antidepressants work with chemical imbalances in the brain to fix what causes the disorders and therapy helps people talk out their issues The Mayo Clinic agrees with Mental Health America in saying that a combination of medicine and therapy is the best way to combat mental illness Care can be given very easily with the distribution of medication and lower cost of therapy to help those who suffer from the devastating effects of mental disorders Easily accessible treatment will help those enduring mental illness get better and recover quickly Some argue that therapy and medications are not effectively treating mental illness and those that have a mental disorder should be captured and held against their will Paul Jenkins a writer for Independent in the UK says

 It's A sad but avoidable fact that sometimes people with mental health problems become so unwell that they need to be detained against their will Jenkins 2 It is argued that those that have severe mental illness can pose a threat to society and to themselves so they should be placed in a secure location where they cannot harm anyone else Besides all that is morally wrong with that statement from a scientific standpoint it makes more sense to treat the extremely ill medically rather than lock them up in a remote location like an animal In conclusion despite the fact that mental illness has many devastating side effects on the people that have it it can easily be treated with therapy and medicine Easy accessibility to treatments will make mental illness not as much of a problem in society and eliminate the suffering of those that have it With proper care mental illness will become less of a prominent issue in society and those that have it can have normal lives They will no longer have to endure the calamitous effects of their disorders that they previously felt and will lead happier and healthier lives

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