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Café Younes and Al Falamanki are the organizations that helped in supporting this research through explaining how do they implement the SCM at their organization to achieve higher profits 2 1 Café Younes 2 1 1 About Café Younes Since 1935 Café Younes have been passionate about serving their customers the best coffees from around the world Today after 80 years of caffeinated services they remain committed to the heritage of quality products and special customer service Café Younes trade superior quality coffee that is freshly roasted and grounded on premises They introduce their coffee line in 2008 In different retail outlets in Lebanon where you can enjoy a cozy break of calming drinks a superior quality range of homemade desserts pastries salad and gourmet sandwiches and burgers along with specialty hot and cold drinks Café Younes is an international franchised café with over seven branches in Lebanon and one in Riyadh Cafe Younes About Us 2017 2 1 2 Café Younes Branches Since 1935 Café Younes is expanding on the Lebanese territories and internationally Café Younes has 6 branches in Lebanon and one at Riyadh KSA Each branch has its own identity and concept a Hamra Roaster What makes this branch exceptionally homey feel in addition to its friendly and welcoming staff is the aroma of coffee creating unforgettable moments In 2008 roaster location expanded to include a coffee shop Address Hamra Neemat Yafet Street b Abdel Aziz Branch Abdel Aziz branch is the second Café Younes in the Hamra area 

The shop offers a special ambiance and serves many fit in experiences at once Address Abdel Aziz Street Hamra Beirut c AUBMC Branch Café Younes is the first coffee house that opens within the premises of doctors and patients Designed with an outdoor walkway and garden Address AUBMC Maamari Street Beirut d Sodeco Branch In 2009 the Sodeco branch was opened through its special interior it became the residents and passersby coffee house Serving a wide range of customers from businesspersons on a quick lunch break and older women meetings In addition to students who seek a relaxing ambiance to study and young specialists working actively Address Sodeco Square Sodeco Beirut e Aley Branch The 1st opened Aley branch was in 1940s In the 2011 Aley branch recalls the good old days through its vintage ads and authentic interior Café Younes serves freshly roasted coffee to the area and its inhabitants who strive for high quality coffee and large variety of beans Address Aley Center Mount Lebanon f Olaya Thalatheen coffee Shop After a successful resident journey Café Younes exported its knowhow and brand name and opened its first regional outlet in Riyadh Olaya street Address Prince Sultan Ibn Abdul Aziz Olaya Thalatheen Riyadh KSA Cafe Younes Branches 2017 2 1 3 Café Younes Certificates and Awards Braille Menu Gold Classification Award from Ministry of Public Health ISO Certificates HACCAP Training ISO22000 Certification Q Platinum Award Boecker Certifications Pest Control 2 2 Al Falamanki Cafe 2 2 1 About Al Falamanki Al Falamanki café was designed in a way to take you to the traditional village style It is a perfect place to sit and play a game of backgammon or cards while enjoying the old music of Fairuz and black and white singers

Offering a wide range of Lebanese cuisine Al Falamanki café is the perfect runaway in the heart of chaotic city Al Falamnki s concept is a little village within the city Al Falamnki was well known with its special menu that speaks about Khalil Al Falamanki s life story and how he met many celebrities As well the menu speaks about the resto café special and vintage style Many popular proverbs and funny statements posted on the menu In addition to Khalil s white and black pictures and memories posted All are found just to connect with the village heritage and creating a special bond with their customers Al Falamanki is the perfect adaptation of traditional Lebanese culture and dishes into the modern-day restaurant Al Kalamaki About us 2017 2 2 2 Al Falamanki s Branches In the 2008 Anis Falamanki the son of Khalil Falamanki created Al Falamani café

The reason behind the opening was to honor his Father Since then Al falamanki is expanding on the Lebanese territories and internationally Al Falamanki has 2 branches in Lebanon and one in Dubai UAE Each has has the same concept of Lebanese heritage In addition to Dekkanet Al falamanki a Beirut Address when you talk about good food a pleased ambiance a garden in the heart of the capital Beirut Al falamanki will come to mind Damascus Road Sodeco Beirut Lebanon b When you are about to be get mad by the crazy traffic in Beirut Have a break Have a Falamanki stop A wonderful traditional Lebanese Café with a panoramic sea view Raouche Main Road Beirut Lebanon c To expand and transfer the Lebanese village experience Al Falamanki Dubai opened Jumeirah Beach Road Jumeirh 2 Dubai d Dekkanet Al Falamanki Beirut is a convenient agro retail boutique where all sorts of supplies offered from many villages of Lebanon Many products can be found dedicated to bring traditional flavors Address Al Falamanki Garden Sodeco Branch e Deekanet Al Falamanki Dubai a real proof of the village in the heart of the Dubai city Same as Dekkanet Beirut concept Dekkanet Dubai transferred the spirit of authentic Lebanese production into Dubai s life Al falamanki Branches 2017 2 2 3 Al Falamanki Certificates and Awards Gold Classification Award from Ministry of Public Health

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