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How To Pack A Duffel Bag What picture comes to mind when you remember you d packing your canvas duffle bag in few moments The result would be one crumpled sight to behold You tried your best after all but it's always a mess to be honest The truth is that ways of packing duffel bags have improved As a matter of fact it is an art and you need to learn it if you really mean to stop jumbling your stuff together Packing a canvas duffel bag is involves a sequence of simple steps and you would learn how to after reading this Travelling with a duffel bag doesn t put your pack at risk of airport abuse most airlines do not offer coverage for tampered or damaged packs and affords you enough room to fine tune your equipment options while on flight Locate a space broad enough to accommodate your pack but its exact size so that you won't be exceeding the required 50 pound weight limit Having a lighter bag will also stash easily while you re on the trail Bags above the weight limit attract larger fees so ensure you have tested its weight with your home scale to ensure you re not exceeding 50 pounds and prepare to extract some heavy items and carry them on However if you really crave an excellent travel experience with your luggage spend your money on some great canvas duffel bags 

The kind of size and flexibility they are built with allow them to get stuffed and easily compressed to the gills With flyers charging extra for extra baggage duffel bags would help you reduce your number of luggage without necessarily cutting down on the items you already arranged for your trip It is just a compactible carrier Your next plan as you are reading this is to learn how to pack a duffel bag And with the steps below you would find the process very easy WHY A CANVAS DUFFEL BAG IS THE BETTER LUGGAGE OPTION One amazing thing about the duffel bag is that it would perfectly fit beneath the seat facing you If the plan is to be in a boarding group 4 of higher there's a possibility that the overhead space will be taken over by the wheeled suitcases right before you get on the plane Duffels are also perfect for smaller planes situations where the wheeled suitcases would be dropped off and gotten in the jet way It's the ideal luggage for those quick weekend trips or beach vacations A wheeled bag wouldn't just go right with bathing suits shorts and sunscreen You don't need them Come on No you don t The canvas duffel bag if you learn to pack it right can hide all the clothing fit for 5 days Here is your chance to get it right with the duffel bag Let's ride PACKING A CANVAS DUFFEL BAG FOR ANY TRIP OR VACATION Roll down the sides When you start packing your duffel bag fold down the upper sides or edges to enable free access to the bottom of the bag You ll roll them back up as you fill the luggage Begin with items of low importance Fill the bottom of your bag with items that may not be of much significance to your trip like you may not be needing them immediately If you re including non clothing items make sure to only pack the most durable items at the bottom of the bag If you re taking along clothing stack items like pajamas and extra pairs of pants at the bottom too Also ensure you stack the duffel with your heavy and large items first Roll clothes Clothed should be rolled into a cylindrical form however possible and arranged in a row 

This reduces the tendencies of wrinkles and crumpled texture This system would enable you to add more clothing into your luggage more than you can ever add with the folding pattern Keep on packing Now keep packing in the order of your most significant items the least significant at the bottom all the way to the most important at the top Keep folding up the edges of the bag to help it hold up things in place As you get closer the top little clothing items like socks and underpants can actually be stuffed into any available spaces Keep items like medication and toiletries for the topmost area or the external pouches or outer pockets and compartments of your canvas duffel bag Jostle it up As you get closer to the top shake the bag this will help the items occupying the lower space to sit well Lock the bag for safety After this you can have all your items packed ensure to secure the bag with a little lock And if you intend flying get a TSA lock These great locks keep your baggage from being tampered with as you give the airport security a chance to their routine check

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