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As parents you may have to deal with your child's computer or screen addiction at some point While computers can help your kid learn a lot of useful things children can easily get addicted to the computer Of course this addiction could affect your bonding or even your relationship Every parent wants to spend time together with their kid The time you spend with your kid can be used to teach him a lot of useful life skills and make your relationship stronger Unfortunately this parent child bonding is sometimes hampered by computer and other technologies that children have access to If you find your child spending too much time on his computer no need to get worried there are ways you can correct this and make his time more useful and beneficial to both of you A great way to cure your child's computer addiction isn t by taking away their access to a computer instead you will need to introduce other fun and exciting ways to bond learn and play Personally I found coloring with kids as a great way to spend time away from the computer This in particular has worked for many parents Many parents love this activity because it is easy fun and they can easily download free coloring books online to spend time with their kid However there are tons of other ways you can as well spend time with your child away from the computer 5 Ways You Can Spend Time With Your Child Away From the Computer 

1 Play With Them Children love to play It is a great way to exercise and catch fun By playing with your child you will not only have the opportunity to bond with him and make your parent child relationship stronger you will each help him in developing certain functions such as coordination motor skills confidence patience and more Fortunately there are a lot of ways you can play with your child it could be as simple as playing dress up or getting down on the floor and play trucks You just need to make sure that your child is interested in the game Ensure you choose a game that is age appropriate 2 Read To Them Reading to children can be fun but you have to learn how to do it right Learn how to make funny faces and characterizations while reading to your child If you do this right it can easily become an activity your child will look forward to every day You can make reading more fun by including a comforting food or drink A good example is hot milk and cookies 3 Build a Fort Remember building a fort when you were a kid Well it is still one of the memories you won't like your child to miss out on If your child is old enough to build a fort go ahead and do this with him You don't have to build extravagant playhouses you can easily build a fort with a sheet over the clotheslines If this is not available make use of some chairs The important thing is to spend quality time bonding with your child 4 Cook Together This may come as a surprise to you but children like helping out in the kitchen They may be a little handful but you will definitely enjoy the time It is a great opportunity to bond and to also teach them

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