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This article provides comprehensives tips on how to write a Doctor of Philosophy PhD thesis and sample thesis docs and pdf that will help scholars to complete writing their projects or class assignments within the shortest time possible The PhD thesis examples can be downloaded from muthurwa marketplace PhD thesis writing tips Sentence Structure The basic unit of your PhD thesis is a sentence Your thesis sentences are expected to demonstrate good grammar and thoughtful consideration about your topic You should use a formal academic tone Check Walden University guide on Scholarly Voice throughout your writing All these are tied up with the sentences you write Sentences should be complete with one idea within every sentence It is preferred that you use the active voice rather than the passive voice as this ensures clarity of expression Avoid fancy words and fancy sounding sentences as this impresses no one You only impress yourself Writing organized thesis paragraphs 

Although there are no definite rules between 100 to 150 words in a thesis paragraph is a good legs to express your thoughts Avoid long paragraphs of 250 words or more and ensure that there is one main idea in every paragraph Qualities of writing a good Thesis There are three essential qualities for writing a good thesis Unity Coherence Development Unity in your PhD Thesis Quite simply unity means that when ideas and paragraphs are strung together and the relationship between them is clear then the whole writing is said to have unity Coherence in your PhD Thesis A piece of writing has coherence when there is a clear relation between paragraphs As with unity when the paragraphs are strung together and the connection between them is clear then it is coherent in other words everything fits together Convincingly unity goes hand in hand with coherence The ideas and discussion in your thesis should be a connected convincing argument hence if we were to diagram that it would look like this insert 

Your research question should logically flow into the discussion of your data collection the data collection section should logically lead to the findings and analysis section in this section leads naturally to the conclusions and recommendations If there is a logical arrangement to the ideas the whole discussion flows this provides focus and coherence to your topic as a whole and thus everything fits neatly together You therefore have a well written and well argued thesis

Development in your PhD Thesis This means your discussion must be amply supported with details research and examples where necessary How to write a PhD Thesis Title How long should a PhD Thesis title be Your thesis title must give the reader a sense of what you are examining In other words it must clearly indicate your topic and summarize what you are doing Keep it short no more than 15 words long Catchy and attention grabbing How to write PhD Thesis table content and Abstract A thesis table of contents should give the reader a sense of the organization and logic of your work The abstract should provide a good clear summary or overview of your thesis because this part will be the most widely published and read It should be interesting enough to capture the reader's attention and the manner in which the abstract is written will give the examiners a fair idea of whether the rest of your thesis is well presented and of good quality Referencing your PhD 

Thesis Examiners are very strict about referencing One examiner has said that no more than 10 referencing errors should be allowed throughout the thesis otherwise it should not be marked Therefore you must make sure that the correct referencing format is used The general preference is for the APA format of referencing That is the format used by the American Psychological Association However this may vary between disciplines so it's best to check with your supervisor Referencing your thesis is important because it allows your reader to refer to the foundations on which your research is built and it tells the reader which part of your thesis is previous knowledge and which is your original work Writing thesis Methodology You must specify why you use a particular method in your research over other methods So you must first discuss the alternative methods and point out why your choice is more relevant to your research Doing so allows you to identify the limitations of your study which is not a bad thing Writing a good PhD thesis Literature Review

A good thesis literature review include the works of experts in the field you never know when one of them could be invited to sit on your panel Secondly your literature review should include up to date information from the most recent publications Editing your PhD Thesis You should do editing at least twice Full drafts will allow you to pick up most of the major flaws Let other people besides your advisor read some sections particularly the introduction and conclusion and give you constructive feedback irp Final Thoughts When it comes to the structure of your PhD thesis it is very important to consult your lecturer supervisor when you are not sure what you are supposed to do When writing chapters three four and five constant contact with your supervisor is crucial so that you know you are on the right track Also clearly indicate all sections and subsections that is headings and subheadings As you write your thesis be guided by an outline or plan this helps keep track of the evolution of your ideas and determines the structure of your argument Do not miss all our latest updates on how to write a PhD thesis and good thesis samples

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