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Nursing history impacts today's nursing Practice

Abstract Nursing history impacts today's nursing practice every day in almost in a variety of different ways Florence Nightingale s work on sanitation patient safety and nursing education Linda Richards s innovations with patient medical records Lillian Wald s contributions to public health nursing now known as the Red Cross and Isabel Hampton Robb s passion for what is now known as the American Nurses Association have all influenced today's nursing practice in enormous ways Historical Perspective Paper The five historical events or role models related to nursing that I will discuss in this paper are Florence Nightingale Linda Richards Lillian Wald Clara Barton and then finally the formation of the Association of American Nurses I will also analyze the history of nursing and how it impacts today's nursing practice reflecting Mount Mercy University s mission Florence Nightingale It would be difficult to write a paper on the history of nursing and not include Florence Nightingale s seminal work in the Crimean War Her groundbreaking statistical analyses connected poor sanitation with cholera and dysentery She volunteered during the Crimean War in 1853 and traveled the battlefield hospitals and night carrying her lamp thus she was known as the lady with the lamp Potter Perry Stockert Hall 2015 p 3 To say that Florence Nightingale had a positive influence on the nursing profession would be an understatement Florence Nightingale s work from the Crimean War to the establishment of formal nursing education programs was a catapult for the reorganization and advancement of professional nursing Cherry Jacob 2014 p 8 

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Disobedience has been seen as one of the most valuable Traits

Throughout history disobedience has been seen as one of the most valuable traits a human can posse Disobedience is the action of wrong doing of a rule or a law Throughout history disobedience can be seen as a valuable human trait Though it can be seen that sometimes disobedience is not an valuable human trait disobedience if used intelligently can be used for social progress as seen through the American Revolution the civil rights movement Civil War and through social norms Disobedience is valuable human trait as demonstrated in the history of the American Revolution The American Revolution was the process in which America separated from Britain and declared independence The American Revolution would have likely never happened if the citizens did not demonstrate their valuable human trait of disobedience through protests against Britain For example their Boston Tea Party protest The Boston Tea Party was an act of rebellion by the Sons of Liberty They dumped an entire shipment of tea into the Boston Harbor to protest the Tea Act of 1773 This action of disobedience helped lead to the Intolerable Acts the Revolutionary War and the overall independence from Great Britain Thus without the Sons of Liberty rebelling against the new British law act the Americans would have just continued on following Britain laws Until they had enough and tried to rebel again Only through disobedience will social progress be made 

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Burn is a complex trauma which severity is Function

Burn is a complex trauma which severity is function of the total extent and proportion of deep burn the localization of the lesion and in particular the impairment of functional zones and finally the age of the patient Petite phrase qui dit que compare à d autres trauma la brulure a pour caractéristique d induire des dommages aux tissues qui complique la cicatrisation classique des tissus destruction cellulaire et du reseau vasculaire pas de flux sanguin Burn induces a local response with coagulative necrosis due to denaturation of protein and plasma membrane integrity Arturson 1996 211 Keck 2009 214 The gravity depends on the transferred energy the etiology of the burn and the time of exposure

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