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HRD is a set of processes system which is carried out for the management employees whose are working in an organisation and also said to as a formal system for the employees of organisation The management are need of those workers who really fit it's the culture of company along with their work experience they are also need of people who have assessing computer knowledge The company are in need of both side equal opportunities for employer and also to promote the organisational diversity The company offers a compensation for competitive and numbers of benefits to its employees KEY TRANSFERABLE SKILLED REQUIRED IN WORK PLACE It is very important to have an abilities skills and transferable skills that are relevant and helpful across different areas of life whether it may be in school socially and school etc which is called as 

PORTABLE SKILLS Apple inc is in requiring of people who can demonstrate a good set of transferable skills Here are some of the transferable skills which are explained briefly to understand the reality of transferable skills 1 MOTIVATION Motivation is defined as for external and internal factors that stimulate the energy and desire in people to continue their work they must be a interest and committed to a job to make an effort to attain a goal or role subject etc Motivation comes from both side of interaction like conscious and unconscious and it is divided in three factors Incentive or rewards value of the goal Expectations of the individual and of her or his peers Intensity of need or desire IT'S APPLICATION Motivational theories are applied into workplaces like some are more committed than others or why some employees work harder which can lead a manager to think how to motivate the employees to perform at peak level Here are some interesting points which will help motivate the employees for their work like Give bonuses to top performers And use rewards to monetary compensation to reach employees on a deeper level etc 2 SUPPORTIVE COMMUNICATION Supporting communication is known to be as INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION which help individual to communicate accurately in difficult times and situations It creates a positive relationship between another person and you while still addressing a problems or tacking a difficult issue or giving a negative feedback Supportive communication is very good and useful for the person because it creates a strong relationship when delivering negative feedback or when you find out some common mistake of another person Therefore it is seek to be a preserve or enhance a positive relationship between two people while still addressing issue It allow information by communicating to other which is not complementary but it strengthen the relation 

ITS APPLICATION By supportive communication company may fostering faster problems solving fewer conflict and subversive activity than group or organisations where relationships are less they may enjoy higher productivity and also higher quality outputs It is proved that companies who have a good understanding between manager and its subordinate they are three times more powerful in predicting profitability in major cooperation s over a five years period than the most powerful variables such as in firm size rate combined market size and saves growth 3 TEAM EFFECTIVENESS Team effectiveness means those team members who makes the necessary skills to accomplish or to achieve their goals each team members brings their own viewpoints and knowledge to share in group Group members they have open communication by using active responding and by listening Ineffective team tasks are divided so that no one should overwhelmed by their responsibilities In teamwork individual used to have an eye amongst each other achievements and every member of team is accountable for their achieving goals and they motivated as well IT S APPLICATION When workers work as team even organisation also performs well because GOOD TEAMWORK CREATES SYNERGY This means where ever workers combine together their work becomes more effective in organisation SYNERGY is known to be the highest activity of life because it has psychological difference between people it creates new untapped alternatives emotional it values and exploits the mental etc Working as a team is good for organisation by its workers prospective skill to solve complex problems experience ideas that may be beyond the scope of any one individual creating a new solutions and as well as

ENHANCING ORGANISATION too perform good and beneficial work for organisation Its learning support and sense of belonging and commitments can take organisation in high profitable stage 4 EMPOWERMENT Employee empowerment means supporting work by giving employee to a certain degree of responsibility and autonomy for decision making regarding their specified organisation tasks empowerment allow its employees to make decision at a lower levels of an organisation for their unique view of issue and problems which organisation has facing at a certain level Employees are considered to be as loyal committed and conscientious even they are waiting an opportunity to share individual ideas and can serve as strong ambassadors for their organisations IT S APPLICATION Employees who puts up their thinking in front of organisation they listen to it and act upon and also respect their ideas for the benefit of employer and its employees Empowered employees have ability to create the feeling of true customer service which has yield customer loyalty Empowered employees are always having freedom to challenge the status quo and change that is considered quite critical for companies and are driven by technology and environment 5 CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Conflict management is a management which plays an important role in conflict among individuals it main goal is for JOB REQUIREMENT for numbers in different type of positions This is because conflict within the organisation can create a difficult work environment and can able to reduce productivity also able to lead in unwanted turnover in staff and reduced morale Some of the following skills which are important for conflict resolution Assertiveness Mediation skills Accountability Facilitation Listening skills Creative problems solving And empathy

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