Essay Example on Human Overpopulation is one of the Most Troublesome Environmental Issues








Human overpopulation is one of the most troublesome environmental issues reported today Johnson The problem of overpopulation can be caused by a number of different things including an increase in birth rates decline in mortality rates an increase in immigration and an exhaustion in crucial resources Overpopulation is becoming a major threat in today's world but could also affect the people of the future Some solutions to overpopulation are to guarantee education through secondary schooling change the legal age of marriage and to put prices on environmental cost and impacts According to Conserve Energy Future com overpopulation is the condition where the number of existing human population exceeds the carrying capacity of earth Walsh Overpopulation mainly started becoming a threat in the 1800s and has only gotten worse since then Johnson Due to the great number of people living on the planet crucial resources such as fresh water and fossil fuels are becoming scarce Without these valuable resources the fate of the planet is at risk One way to help this serious problem is by enforcing female secondary education in developing countries By enforcing this where birth rates are highest the potential to greatly decrease population growth in the upcoming years is strong One reason secondary schooling is so important is because it helps women understand fertility options and begin family planning before and during pregnancy
According to Robert J Walker Combined with family planning services and information these kinds of education and social change campaigns can lower birth rates decrease maternal and child mortality empower women boost food security improve economic prospects and save the environment One issue with enforcing secondary schooling in developing countries is many girls do not have the proper means of transportation to safely get to where they need to go Also many girls are needed back home with their families to offer support around the home and help take care of family members Tal However primary school is still a major way to put an end to overpopulation the pros in the situation outway the cons and the solution could truly help the problem the world is being faced with Stopping early marriages is also proven to help with the issue of overpopulation If governments enforce a policy that you must be at least 20 years of age in order to get married birth rates could begin to fall Saracino With the age of marriage being changed by just a few years the amount of child births could decrease greatly According to Pitlane magazine Age of marriage can therefore have a very big impact on population issues While having a large population of baby boomers may not be deemed overpopulation marriage age that is disparate across generations can create structural problems that have long term consequences for the future of the United States of America Some backlash could occur if this law is enforced however

Some people may deem changing the legal age as unconstitutional and protest that the law needs to be changed Walsh Nonetheless changing this law could still significantly help solve the problem of overpopulation in the long run Putting a price on environmental impacts is another huge solution to this serious problem Katz According to WorldWatch Institute In quantifying the cost of an additional family member by calculating taxes and increased food costs couples may decide that the cost of having an additional child is too high compared to the benefits of a smaller family that might receive government rebates and have a lower cost of living With couples who have lower incomes the hard choice of having fewer kids would eventually have to cross their minds and not being able to support their family is something no one wants to go through Although with these costs rising some people may not be able to support themselves at all the extremely low income communities and people would be severely impacted by this change I believe that this turn in policy would greatly affect the American people in a negative way and would not help in the long term This protocol should not be enforced to help with the problem of overpopulation Enforcing a secondary education is the solution that I believe would benefit the people the most Through my research I found that this education can do so many great things for young women and could be extremely valuable in the remote future With young girls having the opportunity to go to school they can learn many skills that can be used throughout their life and help them reach their maximum potential in life Overpopulation is a serious threat in today's world By enforcing secondary education in developing countries the potential to decrease the population is extremely strong With help from the people today big changes in the future are going to occur

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