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I Am applying to the University of Dayton for admission to the Master's program in Computer Science Artificial Intelligence AI Computer Networks and Data Science are especially my areas of interest and research My objective is to pursue my higher education and also a research career in a challenging environment which would let me gain strong roots in the field of computer science During my childhood I remember my parents always saying education is your greatest asset They extraordinarily focused on my education and career and joined me in the Rainbow Concept School which is one of the best schools in our city Mathematics and Science are the two subjects that fascinated me since my childhood I have always had an excellent academic record I secured 9 7 GPA including a 10 GPA in both Mathematics and Science and was the topper of high school Later I received an accolade for my academic excellence in 2013 in School Annual Day Celebrations Computer was first introduced to me in my 6th grade where I learned basic operations of computer and I had fun drawing in windows paint program Computer also helped me in solving basic math problems In addition I participated in several competitions extracurricular activities and won prizes I always maintained a consistent balance between academic and co curricular record 

I always enjoyed solving puzzles which improved my analytical approach to problem solving After my schooling I had to choose between MPC Mathematics physics and chemistry and Medicine for Higher Secondary Education the urge to obtain an in depth knowledge in Mathematics and Science led me to consider the MPC course I scored 91 9 in 12th grade and attended the EAMCET Examination for state level admissions to engineering courses in which I scored a decent rank and got admission into Bachelor of technology B Tech program in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Malla Reddy Engineering College Autonomous one of the premier institutes in our state My under graduation assisted me to become proficient in C programming Data Structures Computer Organization and Operating Systems Computer Networks microprocessors and microcontrollers and several other subjects I scored 82 6 till my 6th semester excelling in these subjects I have become interested in the field of computer networks during the course of my undergraduate education I envisaged the beauty of Computer Science after dealing with C programming lab Data structures lab etc As a part of my undergraduate study I have undertaken a mini project in my 7th semester on haptic interface restaurant which is an embedded systems project that involved both hardware and software As the team leader of the project I made sure that our project is understandable to the evaluation committee 

I can effectively work on a group project and underwent two weeks of industrial training in Bharath Heavy Electrical Limited BHEL during the coursework and studied the working of CNC machines I gained practical experience which taught me certain soft skills such as teamwork leadership skills communication skills and also gave me great confidence in solving practical problems Apart from academics I participated in several competitions symposiums cultural and technical events held in our campus I organized different technical events in national level fests at our UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON COMPUTER SCIENCE FALL 2018 College As the Student Coordinator of a national level technical fest AKSHARA 2K17 Organized by our college I planned and organized an event called Connect to Connect in which my management skills and dedication were greatly recognized In this emerging world of technology having knowledge in various fields makes us a well Rounded individual It becomes a great advantage if Electronics and Communication is combined with Computer Science They both are concerned with shaping the benefit of our future in terms of developing products and systems which increases the exactness speed and quality of information technology These two courses are interlinked and are close disciplines Knowing how the hardware works along with software gives us a detailed understanding of the complete process So I believe the integration of my Electronics background with Computer Science prepares me for a wide range of careers in either or both fields Ever since I watched an Indian science fiction movie in 2010 I was enthralled and wondered whether machines can think and have become interested in the field of artificial intelligence Higher studies were always a highest priority for me I want to achieve great experience in an outstanding research environment 

Therefore I decided to pursue a master's degree in computer science I plan to carry an advanced study in my areas of interest and want to explore and acquire deep understanding in these fields Twenty years from now I want to be able to look back at my achievements in the field of computer science and should feel satisfied and contented If I achieve this goal then I will be convinced that I reached my long term goal My aim in pursuing masters in computer science is to make an impressive contribution towards Research and Development R D and make my mark in the field I want to study further in an institute where I can fulfill my goals I am considering for a graduate school which has remarkable education and research domain outstanding faculty extraordinary infrastructure and an esteemed organization that can help me in achieving my future research goals and objectives I believe University Of Dayton has distinctive excellence of being at the foreground of producing great researchers and pioneers I would like to work under well experienced professors at your esteemed institution If I am granted with an assistantship then given research assistantship will be a great experience for me and also it will assist me in my long term goals The MS program in Computer Science offered by your esteemed institution will definitely provide me with great skills and knowledge

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