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I am currently working as an Assistant Professor in Department of Civil Engineering at RNS Institute of Technology Bangalore India I obtained my Master s degree by course work in Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering and Bachelor s degree in Civil Engineering with distinction from Sri Venkateswara University Tirupati My long term goal is to pursue a research career in academia and a graduate research degree from the University of Ottawa would be a great opportunity to achieve the same Through my course of study and work I attained a deep understanding of various theories in Hydraulics and Hydrology and would like to apply them to address different challenges During my undergraduate studies Water Resources Engineering is the branch of civil engineering that caught my attention more than any other field of study Particularly I was very much keen on subjects like Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology This had great influence on my choice of studies later With an aim of studying my interested subjects more in detail I did my masters in Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering in one of India s top universities Sri Venkateswara University During my masters I did courses on Advanced Fluid Mechanics Concrete dams and Advanced Hydrology I particularly enjoyed topics of hydrology and river hydraulics which gave me sound and broad conceptual knowledge about different phases of the hydrological cycle and open channel hydraulics I worked on groundwater quality studies of Renigunta region Tirupati with my instructor Dr Aruna Jyothy for my course project requirements 

This project required Physico chemical analysis of groundwater at different sampling stations calculation of water quality indices and preparation of maps showing the quality of different water parameters using ArcGIS Give some conclusion here like this gave me some professional experience or motivated or gave insight on how to work towards a project Apart from education Sri Venkateswara University offered me an opportunity to share my knowledge with fellow students through Teaching Assistantship which I enjoyed immensely I have taught experiments in fluid mechanics laboratory to undergraduate students Edit resume accordingly I enjoyed teaching undergraduate students and it boosted my confidence in topics of hydraulics Also I found it rewarding to be able to help students to succeed in their classes This had a great influence on me to take up the teaching profession In August 2016 I started working as Assistant Professor at RNS Institute of Technology a well renowned college in Bangalore I was one among 5 finalists out of 77 who were selected as asst professors check grammar In the span of three terms or semesters I taught Hydrology Hydraulic Structures and Fluid Mechanics to undergraduate students This opportunity apart from improving my teaching skills adding more water resources engineering background check sentence as I am performing a job which requires a significant amount of preparation for the class Most importantly I found fascinating the study of open channel hydraulics where I am hoping to focus my research at the University of Ottawa This strengthened my intuition to take up my further studies in hydraulics I became a demander of excellence for myself and accepting nothing less than most thoughtful work This served as a stepping stone for the important career decision to pursue Ph D I would like to start my research career with MASc where I will get enough time to prepare myself with research prospects which are very much essential for Ph D studies check continuity Having acquired a good conceptual knowledge in Hydraulics and Hydrology I am interested in furthering my knowledge by working on an application which integrates my experience in both I found the research at the graduate programme in Water Resources Engineering at the University of Ottawa is captivating in the areas of river hydraulics stochastic hydrology and climate change 

As a young prospective researcher with an open mind I am ready to work with any idea on which employs different remote sensing techniques to address challenging issues in earth observation If the chance is presented I would take teaching assistantship while a graduate student at the University of Ottawa Teaching is something I personally find exciting and will consider as a long term career once I am done with my research studies My reason for joining University of Ottawa graduate program is to become a university professor and conduct different research in my area of interest which includes but not limited to river hydraulics I hope my experience and skills have prepared me well to take up a research position and achieve desired goals Furthermore my prior involvement in student clubs at the college level has provided me with an experience in communication and collaborating with people at all levels and from diversified groups My father and my advisors have been a consistent source of inspiration towards my ambition to become a good researcher I learned to stay focused and enjoy my work in which both are very much needed to pursue research I tend to produce substantial work during work during my graduate studies and I believe that the guidance and resources available at the University of Ottawa will be essential to achieve this goal

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