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I believe in a sense that Tessie is wrong Just because she had shown up late did not change her chances of receiving the paper with the black dot in the long run It seems as though the original drawing was to narrow it down to family or specific individuals She seemed to be saying that the lottery isn't fair based on the factor that she was chosen 2 At the time it was basically socially acceptable and if you didn t participate then Davy would probably end up right next to his mother Stoning was probably something the kids knew and maybe didn't even understand other than knowing that this is what everyone does 3 I believe the moral of this story is that life isn't always fair or doesn't always work out in your favor There's always going to be different scenarios in life that don't go as we expect This story makes me think of people who are always focused on poor me everything bad always happens to me We never know what can happen on any given day so we need to enjoy life and live to the fullest Don't let the curve balls ruin your life 5 The Hunger Games is probably one scenario that I am most familiar with to relate in this situation It's odd to think of the similarities because there's the factor that the districts meet and know exactly what is coming 

There s just the hope that you are not chosen The only difference is that you do have the possibility to live in the end and your community will forever care for you win or lose Smoke Signals 1 I believe that hearing the truth from Suzy about his father's attempts to rescue others was what made Victor come to terms Victor had believed all the time that while his father was gone he was a terrible man that abandoned his family Victor changed from realizing how hard his father tried especially knowing that his father had planned to return Thomas didn t change as much because he already knew Arnold to be a hero 2 Thomas may tell these intricate stories to make the stories more than what they were I don't think that this is morally acceptable because it is giving a deceiving perception of the story to someone listening 3 Victor s anger was rational from the beginning because that was the story he had believed to have happened during the fire It was rationale for the shift in emotions after learning the truth because he now knew the reality behind it all The jealousy had disappeared because after Victor learned the truth it clarified many other situations He could now agree more with Thomas and his stories His resentment to white people slowly diminished towards the end of the story due to how the car accident court situation played out 

4 Western movies play a large role in the boys lives because of the culture and reservation they were raised in I believe it has both positive and negative roles on their lives positive in the factor that the boys have traditional values while negative to the fact that the boy s don't always understand things outside the reservations Republic 1 I don t believe that Plato was right that characters can be so balanced I think that characters such as Gibbs or Walter White definitely have different emotions that we do see at very rare times in the shows It seems as though these characters always go through dramatic situations but never show a reaction around other characters An example of this is how frustrated Gibbs gets whenever his father randomly checks in 2 I do not agree with Plato in this sense I feel as though that when a character is able to stir our emotions that it allows us to see from various perspectives rather than our own 3 I don t think we should have to control our emotions in public Things happen very unexpectedly and we could be anywhere For example I was at work then I got my first acceptance to grad school I was jumping up and down out of excitement and would never be able to contain myself in that type of situation I may have had to explain to everyone after the fact but I d rather be able to show emotions in public than none at all 4 Entertainment definitely has a strong pull in teaching younger people about new topics

As a psych major I struggle to choose sides in the situation of violence and entertainment I tend to go with that it really depends on how your mind is wired and how much time one dedicates to entertainment with violence involved 5 Plato believes that as you watch comedies your behavior will shift into a less serious tone and people will not respect you I disagree I feel as though we see things based on a level of maturity Just because I can watch Jeff Dunham for hours doesn't mean I want to walk around portraying that behavior Comedy is purely there for the sense of humor and how one portrays that behavior in their own lives is up to them 6 Censorship is not appropriate for our ideal state I completely disagree with Plato When thinking of censorship my mind goes to the banned book list and topics that the education system isn't allowed to cover These books and lessons were ones that allowed me to think outside my perspectives and grow as a student Now students are limited and teachers can no longer teach without students being offended Then the next few generations end up being very close minded and there won't be advancement in a fast moving world

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