Essay Example on I can improve my thinking skills further I can establish my own Framework








Week 1 Assignment 1 Reflection Questions 1 I can improve my thinking skills further I can establish my own framework and criteria for performing tasks that require critical thinking I can compile data and draw sensible conclusions I can take into consideration points of view that do not correspond to my own ideas I am open minded and patient I take the time to examine to discover and to understand I can make choices that will help me to have the desired effect on a target audience or a situation I can put my work and that of others in a more general context I can link my search and analysis results to my actions 2 The purpose of thinking is not to be right all the time The truth is revealed in us There is no sense in believing that one can think wrong because being in error is not thinking The error does not come from a movement of our thought but from the action of external things on us Any true idea encloses the assertion of itself and the real strength of this assertion depends solely on the clarity of the idea 3 I am not afraid to try out new ideas The fear of failure Why is it so important Well simply because the fear of failure is directly linked to self confidence

Whatever you do you should always have confidence in yourself and not lose your motivation 4 Thinking takes time and might not be easy We all do our best to stay positive but sometimes we can slip into a pattern of negative thoughts that can scatter confusion in our lives We may have to worry about past mistakes or constraints and think about how these might lead to negative results in the future It may happen to us to be obsessed or over analyzing the regular experiences and interactions reading in them things that are not there 5 I do not enjoy thinking about complicated ideas Thinking before you speak is certainly a golden rule but if I think so much that I am not able to act or I lock myself in a state of uncontrollable anxiety I may be in trouble Am I looking for a way to stop thinking so much I understand that some people have very complicated lives I do not question the fact that it is sometimes very difficult to overcome certain situations but If I spend my time worrying over this kind of justification I am just giving excuses for my realities not to change 6 Thinking is boring and it is better to spend time doing other things Taking control of my life by making decisions it scares me sometimes Become aware really no time If I really want to try other things than what I am currently doing I have the power to do so It could be learning an instrument cooking exercising or just spending time with my family it's up to me 

There is a good chance that I will think this is impossible now and that I have no idea how to do it 7 Thinking is easy I just use my gut feelings to make up my mind When I was a small child I did not judge and I was very good because I loved without any condition of others However it is the adults without any wisdom or conscience who have taken advantage of my perfection as a child to forcibly enter me the judgment that only makes me hate and hate others by guilt So I had nothing to learn about justice it was enough to remind me of that and do it more often in a conscious way in my relations Be just by being aware of my feelings and those of others before I think say or do anything Not to believe that there are beings superior to me or to be superior to them then to tell them what is right or wrong to want to control them to satisfy my selfish desires that are material or bodily desires However the desires of the soul are common desires that do not create division or conflict because they are desires at the level of being of love of unity The feelings of good are our truths 8 The point of giving reasons is to show people that they are wrong It is not so much to be right that irritates but the insistence of these people to want to be always right This attitude is nothing but to satisfy their vanity and it is painful to see her wounded Does this satisfaction not come from the fact that from every point of view and especially from an intellectual point of view there is a need to compare with others This would explain the anger of the vanquished in controversies until sometimes using bad faith to not lose face People who always want to be right regardless of the subject often lack listening focused on their speeches They have an opinion on everything and do not miss any opportunity to show their knowledge are often tutors and do not tolerate their head living the slightest contradiction as a personal attack It is not surprising that they are often called I know Everything It seems that the important thing for them is to take the ascendant on their interlocutor pretending at first to adhere to it and then take it in default showing him that he is wrong They often have the art and the way of getting a person to doubt by asking targeted questions and once destabilized it is easier for them to show that they were right

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