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PERSONAL BRANDING ASSIGNMENT Interview And Your Prof Introduction I decided to have a clear image of myself by delineating my skills education and my experiences To find my unique selling point was the most challenging question that I wanted to answer and get a clear picture of it as knowing what you have and what can your offer to your employer is like answering thousands of questions through one questions 5 Core Values Creativity Achievement Way of life Independent Surroundings 5 Strength Technical Skills Skillfully used MS OFFICE to prepare 5 presentations 2 reports and 10 assignments during my bachelor s which provide enlargement to my grades Accounting Skills Interpreted and analyzed financial data for the procrastination of next year sales margin for Crown Diesel in 2016 Creative Skills Participated in Slogan Writing Competition in University Level and won 2nd position Communication Skills Effectively interacted with more than 100 people while being a volunteer in Fusion Festival Surrey B C Teamwork Skills Coordinated a team of 8 people in a marketing mettle festival for 1 month and expanded the profits by 500 than the last year 2 Weaknesses Impatient I respond spontaneously without thinking much I am working on it by making notes knowing its pros and cons and then reacting to an issue Emotional Sometimes I get hurt very easily To overcome this I am ignoring silly things of people because that is eventually hampering my peace of mind 3 Personality Traits Helpful 

I am always ready to help others whenever needed as by helping others one discovers about new things which will eventually it helps him or her in the future Stabilizing Leader Being a leader is a great responsibility one has to be a guide a motivator who gives a clear vision to his team As far as I am concerned many a times I had played the role of a team lead in my School and the team got lots of appreciation and achieved its goals on time Focused on Credentials and Tradition I personally respect the customs and traditions and follow the rules because it give path to achieve success by the truthful means 3 Experiences Changes are integral part of life The 3 transformational changes which came in me are Time management Managing time was always a struggle for me and I use to ignore this in my past but when I came to Canada the culture was totally different Here students work with their studies They manage the work of school and the workload of their jobs and yes now I am one of them and I am managing both my school and work hand in hand Practical Approach I am an emotional person as I have mentioned in my weakness Things are quite different when you start working people are sometimes selfish for themselves play politics as in big organization it is common I use to get disheartened through these things but now I am adopting the culture and do not react to these things with practical approach towards it Volunteer Experience I was a volunteer in the Blood Donation camp held in Langara recently I have learnt so much from it In past I had no clue how influencing people to donate blood can lead to saving so many life This experience has lighted a social worker in me IDEAL EMPLOYER My ideal employer is TD bank Its headquarters are in Toronto Ontario TD bank believes in providing legendary customer service experience to its customers amazing place to work for its employees operations with excellence customers knowledge of their business risks which can be managed and understood enhancement to their brand increment in shareholder value 

I choose TD bank as my ideal employer because Its principles and values matches to my learning spirit It provides employment opportunities to the fresh talents It accepts diversity in culture There is lots of growth opportunities within the organization PERSONAL PITCH My name is Navneet Kaur I have pursued Bachelors in Commerce with minor in banking and accounting and now I am doing PDD Business at Langara I am excellent interpersonal and communication skills I am working in Gate Gourmet as a Galley builder from past 6months and now working as a Cashier at Fresh Slice Pizza I have worked in team as well as individually so I am well aware of working in dynamic work environment I respect diversity in culture and always open to learning My management skills accounting skills and teamwork skills make me a best fit for the position of customer service representative Conclusion This activity helped me in realizing my core values the positive things in me which boosted my confidence Analyzing the weakness which I have and the ways to overcome it opened new paths for my better life Knowing my ideal employer and how can I sell myself to that company at an early stage gave me a clear vision to achieve my goals

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