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I have never believed in the thing called too good to be true My experiences don't allow me to do so It doesn t mean that all have been hunky dory in my life I have had my own share of grief anxiety and personal losses But in this gloomy potpourri there were some moments which were born with eternal fragrance I can still feel them in my nostrils In the sad and conditioned eyes of the world they pass the criterion to be named as too good to be true But not for me Simply because experiences are not possibilities They aren t unreliable promises and cold hypotheses They are the reality They are your personal truths far away from getting worried by their possible resemblance to the outside world A few years ago I went to a nearby hill station with my friends We wandered all the day and came back to our hotel in the night But being a hardcore nyctophile I wasn t able to sleep In a crystal clear silence I sat on the veranda alone as all my friends were sleeping Suddenly a group of three people came I realized that they were staying in the room which was adjacent to me 

They looked around But since I was the only person there they asked me if I have the lighter I gave it to them In their introduction I came to know that they are from Germany After initial formalities I said that I am a huge admirer of Fassbinder Pleasantly surprised they said it s unbelievable to meet a person in such a place who loves our filmmaker Then we spoke at length about him his films and the current state of his legacy in Germany What could have been a solitary night became a memorable and pleasant one Nothing toxifies me more than beautiful discussions Of course Germany here is just a template If they had been from any other country I would have been able to communicate with them If they had been from Portugal I would have discussed Pedro Costa If they had been from Finland Kaurismaki was sure to jump in And if they had been from France maybe I wouldn t have left that hill station Interviews are considered to the most mundane and dreadful acts They make you tense as your future hinges on them But there also I met with an experience which can be typified as too good to be true I was getting interviewed by a girl who was quite older to me She asked me what I think about innovation and how I will bring that in my work I said few typical things that every candidate says in such situations But in between I said one has to be a rebel to bring true innovation Osho has put it beautifully by saying that being a rebel is to announce one s discontinuation with any sort of past 

Of course this is the privilege of being interviewed for the post of a writer as they expect certain temperament and inclination from writers But that s it Just the mention of Osho brought a joy on her face as if she has achieved the enlightenment about which Osho used to talk Then everything changed She absolutely forgot that she is supposed to interview me about the most basic things of business In the complete unawareness of the cosmos we talked for a whole hour about Osho s teaching his being considered as a dangerous man and his deeply powerful quotes You know it s very difficult to discuss Osho with a girl especially with a stranger one The moniker of sex guru is way too hard to separate from Osho But to my surprise there was no unease even when we entered into that terrain We let ourselves go with the flow We were not swimming we were floating And when the interview ended we were in a bliss a state about which we both were totally unprepared for I have had many such experiences with interviews

Discussion about Bergman with the manager of Atlas Copco a Swedish company is one such unforgettable experience But in hindsight it is making me realize that life is all about how you react and respond It s all about what you have inside you I wouldn t have responded to the German people the way I did without my knowing of Fassbinder Without the bridge of Osho I wouldn t have connected with that girl Please don't misunderstand This is not to imply that Fassbinder or Bach is the only way to connect with a German person But definitely it's the only way to connect with a like minded German person It s true that there are certain experiences which are beyond your control But there is a possibility that some of the experiences will become more beautiful based on who are you as a person You can carve them like a trained sculptor The truth is more than often experiences shape up the man But experiences can be shaped by a man too And this proposition is certainly not a too good to be true

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