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I maintain the belief that attentiveness to the relationship established with the patient is just as important as the relationship maintained with the other healthcare workers such as doctors The two relationships simultaneously need to be polished and civilized which ensures intelligible and respectful communication perpetually The nature of nursing should centre around reverence for each patient co worker and high regard for human dignity The nature of nursing is also firmly established in science and more specifically medical knowledge It is the consistent objective to prevent illness and treat those who are in poor health and this insists on a base level of medical knowledge to make nursing care feasible Since the medical discipline is something that is continuously advancing nurses must keep up to date with the current best practices and delivery of patient care Nursing is a process that requires ongoing research and learning throughout one's career Nursing and Patient Care When describing my nursing and patient care my ideologies focus on the treatment of the whole person taking into account mental and social factors rather than just the symptoms of the disease This holistic view of the patient allows me to identify with patients on a deep meaningful level in which I get to understand the values of the patients 

This way of healthcare application separates physician care which tends to be objective only from my nursing care Holistic care is an intersubjective experience that is characterized by mutual participation Theories of caring that do not acknowledge a patient's participation risk dehumanizing patients by reducing them to objects of our care This is not to say that holistic care depends on the interpersonal abilities of the patient to engage in their caregivers Characteristics of caring should not be motivated by individual egos or personalities but by some greater source of meaning Guzzetta 1998 p 16 meaning the impulse to care does not depend on the participation of the patient necessarily but the unfolding of the relationship does Nurses by disposition are concerned with a patient's comfort because a patients comfort is enriched through nursing care which also enhances their progression in rehabilitation Panno Kolcaba Holder 2000 Patients who feel comfortable manage better with their disease symptoms feel strengthened to recuperate and have faster rates of healing compared to patients who admit to being chronically uncomfortable Kolcaba 2003 As a nurse it is my purpose to make sure my patient is physically mentally and emotionally comfortable It is my duty to make the care I provide centred around my patient's needs A patient rights are to be informed and be active in their care and I hope to have a synergistic relationship with my patients so that their needs and wants are met CRNBC I want my personal nursing to revolve around establishing a trusting and caring relationship with patients because nurses who develop trusting relationships demonstrate a holistic approach to caring show their understanding of patients suffering are aware of their unvoiced needs provide comfort without actually being asked and are reliable proficient competent and dedicated in their care Mok Chiu 2004 p 481 

I value what is important to each patient and even if I personally disagree with his or her wishes it is still my obligation to treat those wishes with respect and work towards the best possible results Nursing and Healthcare Professionals Nursing practice is not only pertaining to patient relationships but also relationships and connections with many other health care professionals Nursing care could not be successful without the support of other health care experts Throughout history professional health care relationships were derived based on a hierarchal basis and social relations took place on a vertical level with doctors only speaking with in charge nurses and those nurses relaying the information to the specific nurse in charge of that patient With the health care delivery model always evolving interdisciplinary teamwork has become a distinguished feature in patient care As a nurse I prefer to have an open and constructive relationship with other health care members while keeping the patient's care and needs as main priority Communication is a key component in any relationship and it is indispensable in the healthcare relationships Inter professional collaborative practice can improve healthcare processes and outcomes Zwarenstein Goldman Reeves 2009 consequently cooperation and teamwork is something I feel is critical for my nursing practice I always seek to develop my relationship with other health care professionals to be one of collaboration Several studies and reviews have found positive associations between communication skills and improved health outcomes for patients such as physiologic measures eg blood pressure blood glucose levels health status eg headache frequency depression and measures of functional status including less patient distress with the illness experiences King Hoppe 2013 p 388 This supports the belief that inter professional teamwork in nursing care is essential for optimal patient care I feel that effective patient care and positive patient outcomes should be an adequate driving force toward inter professional health care relationships

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