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I read The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind during the Christmas Holidays It was written by William Kamkwamba with some help from Bryan Mealer This story is about a boy's determination to fulfill his dream even after he had suffered many hardships I like this story because it shows that if you believe in something so much you should not give up trying to make it work Setting and Time The story takes place in a little town in Malawi called Wimbe Malawi is a country located in South eastern Africa The time period is between 1987 and 2009 Most of the people in Wimbe were farmers They grew maize every year and sometimes tobacco There was no electricity or piped water Farming was hard work There were no machines to help with tilling the soil People went to bed early after a long day s work on the farm There was no electricity to keep them up at night The houses in Wimbe were built from mud Most of them had thatch roofs Only few people could afford metal sheets Toilets and baths were built outside the houses They used pit latrines for toilets Wimbe Town had one primary school Only some people could afford to send their children to school 

There was also a church and a mosque People in the village also believed in magic or witchcraft They went to the witch doctor known as Singanga for special powers known as mangolomera The Main Character The main character in the book is William Kamkwamba He was born in 1987 He was the only boy in a family of Six girls When he was growing up William was a bit smaller than most boys his own age and he was always afraid of being bullied by older boys William was a hard working boy from an early age As the only boy in the family he had to help the family with farm work William was determined to go to school He knew that education was important He worked hard to get good grades One time he dropped out of school because his parents did not have the money to pay his fees William was very curious He was interested in how things work He opened and learned how repair radios William believed in his dream When everyone else doubted him he never gave up on his dream to build a windmill He fulfilled his dream The Conflict A severe famine hit the land and destroyed the crops There was no food and most people starved to death Other people died from diseases William and his family survived the famine but they lost all of their income William also suffered another setback After the famine William had to drop out of school His father did not have the money to pay his fees William was very disappointed by this William also had another challenge To teach himself to read the new science books that he had discovered William continued to believe in himself even when other people doubted him

The Main Events At the age of 13 William began to be interested in radios He and his friend Gilbert would take them apart to figure out how they work Very soon he was repairing radios for other people When a new library opened in the town William found in it a very important book called Using Energy He studied hard and learned many things about electricity from this book He also found other books on Physics He taught himself much from these books After observing how a bicycle's pedals can drive a dynamo to produce electricity William had the idea to build his own windmill to use the power of the wind to produce electricity He could use this electricity to light up his home to power a pump to bring water to the farm and for many other things William knew that if his invention worked it would save their crops from dying during another famine He worked very hard every day collecting spare parts from a junkyard next to his old school for his windmill project Many people mocked and teased him They thought he was crazy because he was always going back and forth from the junkyard But William never stopped believing in his project He first tested a smaller model by connecting it to a radio or a light bulb to see if it would work The results encouraged him to continue with the windmill project Conclusion When William finally built and demonstrated a full size windmill everyone was amazed Hundreds of people came to his house every day to see it work Many journalists came to see it and to talk to William With hard work curiosity and determination William was able to build a working windmill for his village Nathan Sherman January 5 2018

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