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This paper will tell you about my personal career goals You will hopefully have a better understanding of how proper time management techniques and specific study methods help me to achieve my personal career goals Career Goals I find that the older I get the more my career goals change Twenty years ago my goals were to make as much money as I could as fast as I could My career goals today consist more of trying to advance in my field and move farther up the corporate ladder This is why I made the decision to enroll in the Fire Science degree program at Columbia Southern University CSU I have plans of receiving all of the necessary state and local certifications that I need to become a National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies NICET level III Inspector all by the time I graduate from CSU Some of my courses such as English Composition Algebra and Fire Protection Structure and Systems will greatly help give me the skills I need to move forward with my career goals I recently read the article NFSA Members see Growth in Home Fire Sprinkler Market This article really relates to my career field in that in order to become a good inspector 

I must know the ins and outs of residential as well as commercial fire sprinkler systems Inspectors are included on all phases of constructing sprinkler systems James Reap VP of United States Fire Protection is correct when he said Careful planning is crucial on these jobs as cited in Miodonski 2005 p 7 Without the involvement of everyone on the job the procedure would not run smoothly at all and would create errors and chaos on jobsites As an inspector I hope to not only perform inspections but to also guide people and help whenever I can to ensure things are done correctly by knowledgeable persons Time Management Techniques Time management is extremely important in order for me to complete my career goals I have so much going on right now with working a full time job going to school and studying for my NICET certification I have to set aside blocks of time to study and do my school assignments I use daily and weekly planners to help manage my time most efficiently I also try to stick to a strict study schedule and try to organize the different tasks so I can achieve my goals I most recently passed the FL NICET Equivalency Exam so I am now able to perform certain inspections at work My next major milestone will be to pass the FL Contractor s Licensure Exam and become registered to perform work with the state Graduating and becoming state certified are important to me because they will help to give me a big boost in my career field Study Methods for Academic Success Everyone learns in different ways and methods A learning style is innate and involves your five senses It is how you best process information that comes to you according to Carter Bishop Kravits Drexler 2013 I personally have a visual learning style I learn best by seeing graphs charts and diagrams are more useful to me when studying Having an illustration helps me decipher some of the information I might not otherwise understand completely 

In my career field it's very important that I do things accurately the first time Having charts and other illustrations are helpful in both my classes and everyday working environment When preparing to study I have to create a plan so that my time is spent efficiently I usually come up with a specific subject or chapter and study that in depth before I move on to the next I try to prioritize focus on the most important points or the portions that I am struggling with and set realistic goals so that I can actually learn and retain the information I am studying Conclusion I hope after reading my paper you understand my career goals and how I hope to achieve them a little better I have learned that in order to reach my career goals and advance forward I must use the time management techniques and study methods I ve learned to help me successfully obtain my degree and further my state certifications I have been in the Fire Protection field for almost thirty years but I know now that I still have so much more to learn I hope to use the knowledge I have along with the skills I am learning to become an efficient and precise state fire inspector References Carter C Bishop J Kravits S L Drexler K 2013 Keys to learning strategies for success Custom ed Boston MA Pearson Learning Solutions Miodonski Bob 2005 NFSA members see growth in home sprinkler market Contractor Page 7

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