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In my relentless pursuit of knowledge I stumbled upon a fascinating aspect of computers data management and realized its tremendous potential of making lives simple and better Moreover brisk developments in the field of Information Management in the modern era have left me enticed with Data Science With rapid innovation manual systems have been replaced with databases and catalogs with modern concepts such as Predictive Data Mining I am applying to the MS in Data Science program because I desire greater expertise in the areas of Programming for Data Science Analytics and Machine Learning By acquiring this knowledge I will be able to achieve my objective of providing technical solutions to real life problems while working with companies such as Microsoft Research and IBM in various domains While the developments in Data Science and Analytics kept me interested it was still in its infancy Owing to my deep interest in optimization and statistics I chose Industrial Production as my Engineering major where statistics play a crucial role in optimizing the production and resources I commenced my college life with a headstrong approach but due to some health issues I was unable to attend the classes for a while As a result my first two semester results were adversely affected But I positioned my temperament and taught myself the art to learn from every setback and with each passing semester my results became better than the last 

Throughout my college I kept a close eye on the developments in the field of Big Data and related disciplines Event processors like Apache Storm the growth of Recommendation Engines and IoT proved to be a source of radical change in the way data was being treated I nurtured my statistical and analytical skills through courses such as Operations Research and Production Operations Management I started to see a direct connection between my interest in statistics and optimization and Data Science Furthering my interest in simulations data analytics and optimization has been my final year project on System Dynamics in Supply Chain at the Rail Coach Factory in Kapurthala India This was aimed at exploring the impact of the tendering system on the supply chain The study dealt with LHB coaches which were facing major delays in procurement of components that were important for manufacturing The project involved study of a complex dynamic system analyzing the data and creating trial runs for various models using the simulation software Vensim and visualizing the data to understand the impact of delay in production rate and potential loss of earnings The approach that I followed to compute the data driven thresholds high and low points by varying the delays was highly appreciated

On analyzing the data and comparing the results of various simulations the cause of delay was identified as a single component and by creating a model with minimum delay a significant increase in the potential earnings was predicted The 5 months of the rigorous project helped me gain a better understanding of the supply chain simulation software data analysis and optimization After the completion of my undergraduate studies I seized the opportunity to work for one of the leading MNC Company Infosys where I had an intensive training in data structures and algorithms Java ASP NET and various database technologies and was placed in the Top Performer category at the end of training Respecting my evolved interest I joined various courses I could find through MOOCs and within the company on topics such as R programming Machine Learning and Data Visualization using Tableau My involvement with several projects has given me the opportunity to work with diverse technologies like Tableau R SQL Oracle and various other web technologies Some of my projects dealt with research analysis architecture design and developing web portals based on various client requirements I also developed the first SharePoint app in the client's intranet environment to copy files from SharePoint portals to cloud storage accounts shared with external vendors 

This application was developed in just under 5 weeks and demanded a lot of research as no one in the entire account was familiar with either of the two platforms I have been rated as Outstanding during all the annual appraisals between 2015 and 2018 and have received the HiLife High Achiever Award the Start Performer Award twice and the Insta Award My cumulative learning through academics and industrial exposure has kindled an interest to focus in depth and gain expertise in the domain of Data Science While exploring various options I found the graduate program in Data Science and Analytics at Ryerson University as the most enticing program which is in line with my interests I look forward to establishing a foundation with my study of the core subjects and electives like Advanced Data Visualization and Advanced Artificial Intelligence during the program The unique structure of the curriculum and commitment to hands on training will enhance my technical skills allowing me to meet the demands of the present and foreseeable future thereby helping me attain my career goals The research interest of Dr Kaamran Raahemifar in the fields of Big Data Analysis and Optimization in Engineering connects with my interest and I am sure this advanced expertise will assist me when I embark on my post MS journey Given a chance to pursue my academic goals at your university I am confident that I will stand up to the high learning standards and benchmark set by your university In the longer term I envision myself working in a leadership role in the field of Data Science and Analytics I am confident that I have a strong vision that would help me connect and understand a technological problem in lines of internal and external factors like comprehensive analysis research of quality standards and assessment methods I would take it as a privilege if I am granted admission to the Master s degree in Data Science and Analytics at your institution I thank you for giving me a chance to express myself

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