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The way I organized my paper is starting from ascending order basically from when I was younger to older I talk about the two cultural foods I was given a chance to experience from soul food to Mexican food I give two foods from both cultures then explain which I prefer to eat till this day With historical research I provide details about the two cultures and how it is I came to eat those foods till this day Growing up biracial came with perks However it was not until I was older that I got to experience two styles of food My mother who is black and my father who is Mexican separated when I was young I did however get to experience foods both cultures have to offer Soul food was commonly cooked on my mom s side of the family Author of Soul Food explains soul food as a term understood to be the traditional diet of African Americans Witt Meals like chicken collard greens sweet potatoes and cornbread along with others were a common theme in our household Foods like this were essentially looked down upon by middle class or upwardly mobile African Americans because of their connection to slavery and poverty Witt The origins of soul food date back to slavery when plantation owners gave enslaved people discarded animal parts Holloway Animal parts such as hog maws hog jowls pig s feet and ham hocks were among the first Holloway Ham hocks were used in our kitchen when cooking collard greens I was told ham hocks add a tasty flavor to the collards which would make it enjoyable Along with that ham hocks in collard greens in early traditional years were also was used to soften the leaves

Holloway Collards were eaten once a week Mainly due to the fact my grandparents owned land in which they grew crop We lived right next to it actually making it convenient to go over and pick food to cook in the kitchen Along with collards another favorite food growing up is also considered soul food Fried chicken which was commonly eaten along side collards in our household The tasty smell and the crispy crunch made fried chicken days enjoyable I never understood the stereotype views behind black people and their ties to chicken Edible Identities authors explains that eating soul foods such as chicken gave black people a chance to identify a sense of selfhood in confronting problems Brulotte Di Giovine Taylor Francis 98 This may have been a way of making political statements Brulotte Di Giovine Taylor and Francis 98 Mariana states that soul food was also an term where black people had an soulful bond with the foods they ate Mariana While attending school in North Carolina I had a best friend named Gustavo He was Mexican and unfortunately we cut of communications but besides that he first exposed me to Mexican food The main one I can recall was Tres Leches cake It was introduced to me at a party of a relative The texture of the cake was moist which left a bad impression on me What's Cooking America explained that after the baking of the cake it is then soaked in three milk products evaporated milk sweetened condensed milk and whole milk Stradley Even though I was not a fan of this cake it was good to experience a new treat I never tasted before All the way until ninth grade of high school I was exposed to soul food The following year tenth grade was different because it was at that time my parents got back together My dad welcomed us back into his home in South Florida where he stayed by himself Not the best cook but he did introduce foods like tacos tamales enchiladas pinto beans and tortillas It is said that such foods were nonexistent when Europeans first arrived Mariani I enjoyed all Mexican foods except pinto beans mainly due to their color and their taste 

According to Albala beans is an essential ingredient in the Mexican diet when used besides corn or maize provides amino acids corn lacks 218 Another thing I believe fails to get recognized is how healthy a Mexican diet can be Authors of Decolonize Your Diet Calva and Rueda proclaim if you look at a rural Mexican diet it is very plant based Saldivar For example when eating a taco I customized it with lettuce onions beans shredded cheese and sometimes tomatoes Speaking of tacos they happen to be Mexico's favorite fast food Albala 225 Not my forte eating homemade tacos are essentially hard on the teeth Along when they break along the center all the food is scattered along the plate This new household was a neat experience in terms of alternating between soul food one night then mexican food the next With a knowledge of what consist in both cultures I generally stick to soul food Partly because of how accustom I am to it Mexican food is still great to eat as an alternate when I do get tired of having the same food to eat and no Taco Bell is not a consideration to Mexican food

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