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As an individual I tend to believe in the existence of a supreme being who is God By this it means there is an extra dimensional power in existence that has control over everything that goes on in the entire universe inclusive of our lives and natural surroundings The term supreme being is a term that has been used for a longtime to describe the existence of God By taking a deeper look into the world and things that go on around and within it this is more than enough proof of wonders that we indeed have someone in control of all phenomena Kahane 2011 Again I tend to believe that if we never had God in existence then all of lives and existence will lack purpose We do not exist for no reason but our existence is proof that someone somewhere supreme wanted all that we are today to be as it is today It was His primary idea to have a creation and that creation will live to do His will as the holy bible clearly tells when God created Man in his own image in the book of genesis Kahane 2011 Other things that I believe are real as an individual are the existence of good and bad and the existence of darkness and light Good and bad or in other terms can be put as the existence of darkness and light 

Darkness has always been associated with all manner of despicable evil deeds while light has always been associated with the good and a gesture of eternal existence with glory I believe the existence of these two sides of the same coin were brought to existence to give humans the power to choose who they really want to be in their lives Pojman Fieser 2017 Some of the reasons that are the base of my believes of existence of God as a supreme being and the existence of good and bad are as follows there is God who is superior in terms of power and intelligence that is beyond human understanding This can be backed up by the complexity of some creations on earth Take it for example the creation of the human body This is a perfect combination of bio chemical and bio electrical configuration that have been synchronized to give the life force Besides humans there are also other Mother Nature phenomena that are jaw dropping to the human eye Like the control of the cosmos This can be related to the control of weather and other heavenly bodies like the sun that help support life on earth Pojman Fieser 2017 A glowing mass of gases that never burns out Isn t that just fascinating and enough proof that we indeed have God who is the controller of everything In terms of believing in the existence of good and bad which mostly has been a design of what the society creates'

Although some things might be right to a certain society or rather good and bad to another different society but then there are somethings that we all can agree on bad and good as the entire human race That is why we have the rule of law and state and federal prisons and rehabilitation centers to separate the good from the bad characters The law in itself defines what s good and bad to do as a person Hauser 2006 As an in individual what I feel is morally right or wrong is a question that defines conduct According to me an act becomes either morally wrong or right if that particular act has impact or greatly violates or tips the scales of our moral system determination This brings up another question on how I came to define what is moral or immoral to me There is no perfect definition that defines what s moral but all these can be summarized into a definition that if a deed makes one uncomfortable or makes the other person angry and if the same would be done to you then it won t make you happy 

Then that deed is what I term as morally wrong If a deed on the opposite direction makes one happy and as an individual you would like for such a deed to be done to you then that deed is now what I term as morally right Pojman Fieser 2017 In many societies around the world I believe this is the same system that was used in defining what s right and wrong since there would be no up straight way to calculate or point out what s right and wrong until it s done to you So by defining right and wrong by what I d want to experience and not experience as an individual makes it a whole lot easier on how I decide on what s wrong and right according to me Pojman Fieser 2017 As humans share the same DNA up to a 99 1 similarity with only a 0 1 that is different in every individual apart from the case of two identical twins then it is more likely that we all share most of the thoughts on what s right and wrong Believing in good and bad is also helpful in understanding that we as humans exist for a reason to do good and not bad and by believing so also helps one in believing that there is God who wants us to do good according to His word in the bible

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