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I was obsessed with computers since I was a kid It was this urge to learn about computers which pushed me to choose Computer Science as Major at Vellore Institute of Technology VIT I was fortunate to have access to world class computer science labs which inspired me to go above and beyond Getting into a college like Vellore Institute of Technology which is remarkable in academic background has helped me to construct a platform which not only improved my educational ability and reasoning but also enabled an approach to put together the practicality of education Having studied in this scholarly institution has made me comprehend how accretion of knowledge is more essential than running after success The true skill of software engineering was exposed to me with real world scenarios while urging the budding engineer in me to formulate the solutions to these situations which industry requires Over the four years of my learning experience at VIT which is one of the top most private institute in India with ABET accreditation I was subjected to the diverse options of courses but my fervor was for the subjects like Management Information System Computer Architecture Data structure and Algorithms and Database Management System which helped me build strong fundamentals for my projects and research 

My familiarity and understanding of programming languages like C C HTML CSS PHP MYSQL has helped me expertise in the technical level of the courses In October 2015 I developed a Movie Database System which deepened my curiosity in the course I also did a project on Claims Management System in March 2016 which was a part of software engineering It helped me to understand the application of systematic and quantifiable approach to the development operation and maintenance of software I along with my friend published a research piece on High Dimensional Data Analysis by Exploring Correlation Measures for Dimensionality Reduction in September 2016 which assisted me in better understanding of data analysis and also helped me gather immense knowledge and experience in this field You can find the research paper in the link http ijsetr com issue php issue ISSUE 2047 volume Volume5 page 4 The main objective to this paper was to bring out the correlation measures in the field of knowledge mining and data analysis Working on this paper made me interested in the data mining and dimensional data fields I underwent an internship in the month of December 2015 with Electronics Corporation of India Ltd Hyderabad There it helped me acquire a lot of work experience and made me believe I was ready for working in professional working environment Working with diverse people helped me achieve adaptability patience cooperation interpersonal skills and group work I also built a high scalable database to search hostel dorm room allocation and tracking management While I made sure to do good in studies I also wanted me to grow in the extramural prospects by working for external publicity in various fests conducted by our college called RIVIERA and GRAVITAS I also took part in workshops for ROBOTICS and AWR tools Contributing to the Engineer's day 15 of VIT

University improved my management and communication skills Under graduation course helped me to understand the brief introduction on computer science topics Masters in Computer Science will help me to know more in depth so that I could protract the research topics on Computer Science like Database Management Systems and Software engineering There is much to know about the topics than those I was introduced to Masters would be a great opportunity which I can utilize to know further about the real time computer applications My prime strength is I never get irritated with computers Working out strategies from basic always solves problems My undergraduate study has helped me to pick important management lessons I want to enhance my understanding of the subject as it would be really helpful to me in real world where I can put them to use thereby growing personally and also contributing to the growth of the organization I will work for in the future My short term goal is to develop software systems which are efficient performance and fault tolerant My long term goal is work with companies like Oracle as a developer Your department of computer science has been ranked among the best department for the courses it offers Since I am interested in computer science your course is perfect I will get a deep understanding of the course I am aware that city of Ohio has good opportunities by which I could get hands on experience on practical computer science applications I am optimistic that University of Dayton will provide my aspirations and potential a stage to build my career ahead I am certain my studying there will alleviate me to do well in my life I am looking to the fore on learning subjects like Management Information Systems Software Engineering Modern Programming Practices and Database Management System I believe that pursuing masters in University of Dayton will make me excel by achieving my goals and by providing me a platform with an outstanding research infrastructure where I can put my passion for research to life I am confident that being a part of this college will not only ensure my future bright but I also determine to manage myself to the prospect of the university I expect to gather proficiency and the perception necessary to devote myself to this fast progressing field

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