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I woke up due to a notification on my phone Sitting up too brutally I banged my head against my bed frame Today really was my worst day ever I checked my phone and sighed One message from Edward Are you okay Carla Edward is my ex boyfriend although really I don't even know if we ever had a relationship We spoke once or twice in real life only and most of the time we just text one another He asked me out by text and broke up via text as well We were still best friends just like before but the only thing is that he doesn't seem to realize I still like him and that he broke my heart completely I tried to sleep again but it didn't work so instead I closed my eyes and rethought what happened Our school brought us to the Botanic Garden today even though it was raining cats and dogs I was standing near the main entrance and covering my head with my backpack My best friends Anna and Sara were next to me and they didn't seem to hate rain whatsoever Anna was catching raindrops while Sara jumped in a few puddles and splashed water all over me The teacher eventually got the tickets and lead us to a glass building It was unfortunately closed so the whole school had to wait outside until the rain stopped At first I thought I could just stand but after a while I gave up and started looking for a bench under the roof Most of them were taken so we wandered around the building like three idiots I saw an empty bench but Edward was next to it so I quickly turned around and tried to leave I wanted to avoid him Anna saw him as well and understood but Sara didn't

Okay Let's sit here she said sitting on the bench not even 1 meter away from my ex Are you kidding me This is a joke right I whispered What is it she asked clearly puzzled Do you know someone here That s Carla s Anna started but Sara fortunately understood before Anna finished her sentence We walked around for a while and finally gave up and just sat there I remembered suddenly that Edward had perfect hearing and I wondered whether he heard Anna and Sara When the rain finally stopped the teacher counted the students and took us to our next destination I got lost in the crowd and walked while looking down We had arrived at the Japanese section I guessed because of the architecture and the sakura flowers Looking behind and not seeing my friends I decided to wander around for a while by myself I jumped across a bridge and then around a pond There were a few giant goldfish I bent down and decided to talk to them My throat was dry after a while and I got back up and realized that everyone was watching me I felt like a goddess of fish and hoped across the bridge again like if nothing happened and I saw squirrels

Trying to get closer to one I accidentally tripped on a tree root and fell The squirrels were startled but I didn't want them to go away so I sat down and spoke to them I tried to pronounce a few words in Japanese but the squirrels didn't seem to care I then tried four other languages but it didn't work The squirrels went away and I stood back up I suddenly saw Edward not far away from me and I whispered to myself sarcastically Is this a fate He turned around just a bit and I knew he heard me I was just thankful he didn't turn completely around because that would ve been very awkward I skipped towards the pond again and I saw Anna and Sara Hey Where were you asked Sara I saw you talking to the fishes but you suddenly disappeared I saw squirrels I said and they both rolled their eyes Oh my gosh Anna said her eyes widening What is it I asked Uh Stay right where you are and DON T turn around Unfortunately I was a curious person Just turning around slightly I saw a gigantic dragonfly on my shoulder Insects were worse than rain I panicked stepped back and fell in the pond The water was freezing Everyone that heard the splash turned around and I quickly got back up and ran towards the trees to camouflage myself I stood still and didn t move until the trip was over I knew Edward saw me I opened my eyes again and laughed just a bit at how stupid I was I couldn t understand myself Edward broke up with me over four months ago and the reason completely breaks my heart It was a good reason yet a very shocking and horrible reason I had never told anyone why he broke up and I won t tell a soul

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