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I wrote a long bit on the discovery page baby Discovery 2 Just back from our super tropical discovery cruise We met some of the old crew from Discovery on board and imagine they remembered us from last year bearing in mind they get 1800 new passengers each week or every other week We had a fantastic trip last year and the Itinerary was brilliant hence booking within a week of coming off last year Some of the information is not always disseminated down to all crew members so if you want to join the sail away party and you are told they no longer do it be mindful that if you are told no to something someone else will tell you yes Flights The flights were good both going and returning although some people had to have their hand luggage placed in the hold because there were some passengers with three bags going on board none of whom were monitored The flight back was on the infamous Dreamliner which was quite roomy and the cabin crew were brilliant as was the food and drinks There were four Dreamliners at Montego bay airport yesterday Food and dining From previous posts there were complaints about the food being cold We did not experience this at all throughout the 18 nights Every meal was piping hot we only ever ate in the waiter restaurants 47 and gallery 47 plus Surf and turf We did have an afternoon tea in Islands once which was ok Drinks Package We upgraded to the premium package which we thought was well worth it It cost around 7 a day and included all premium brands plus cans rather than pumped coke etc coffee from the coffee port plus a litre and a half of water in your cabin each day which we thought was excellent value 

We did not find excessive waits at the bars in fact no worse than bars in London There seemed to be ample waiting staff although at times I thought that the bar staff were a bit short of available hands Penny Pinching by Thomsons I was not impressed to read on the first day in the welcome letter that although you had a coffee machine in the room you were entitled to one cup of coffee per day which is mean especially when you consider how much we paid for the suite Secondly they promote the fact that there are Clarin s toiletries in the cabin When and if they ever replenish them and even when they did they did not replace all items it was very random There were no dressing gowns in the room despite having asked for them they just did not materialise until we contacted hotel services The cabin steward was not as attentive as we thought he should be in fact I did not actually meet him until 4 days before we came home Itinerary The itinerary was great apart from the visit to Mindelo in Cape Verde This was an absolute dire port of call especially when compared to the other islands The other ports of call were superb we did a mixture of cruise tours and local shared minibus island tours which could be had for around 20 a head Cartegena Colombia was super but it was steaming hot The port is fantastic with a bird park right at the port Curacao was unique and very pretty 

It was especially nice to see both Discovery and Discovery 2 moored together in Barbados The captains were going to do a photo shoot reaching out to shake each others hands from the Bow but it was too windy for them to get any closer but the sight of the two of them next to each other was great Medical centre My biggest concern was regarding the medical centre and the number of passengers walking around with cannula in situ with a diagnosis of Pneumonia having to return to the medical centre 2 3 times per day for 2 hours at a time to have intravenous antibiotics given My neighbour who clearly only had laryngitis was diagnosed as having pneumonia She showed me the medical summary which quite frankly was shocking considering the blood tests they did were completely unnecessary We must have seen at least 20 30 passengers walking around throughout the cruise with the tale tell bandages on their wrists or arms and these were only the ones we saw Expect a bill for the insurance company of between 2 3000 The ship will only charge you the excess Personally I think it is a scam to rip off the insurance companies when oral antibiotics would suffice Overall we had a fantastic time on the cruise We met some fantastic people and had a ball The itinerary was brilliant apart from Mindelo Just go with an open mind and with the intention of having a brilliant time and you will

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