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Identifying gender is the child's perception of becoming a man or woman later when she or he grows up This perception develops from the influence of many factors including the child s self perception of his or her gender attitudes perceptions imitation of others behavior parenting or from media such as books television movies commercials and much more of the culture in which children live First of all the family is the important place where the kids learn the first lesson of sex education about gender roles parents are the earliest teachers to teach this lesson According to Night to His Day The Social Construction of Gender by Judith Lorber she mentioned To explain why gendering is done from birth constantly and by everyone we have to look not only at the way individuals experience gender but at gender as a social institution As a social institution gender is one of the major ways that human being organize their lives As being the parents and the parental relationship these factors have a a great influence on the perception of the gender role for a child In my point of view the children are raised from a family in which the parents relationship is reconciled equal always respect each other help each other love each other often have a positive view for the love and marriage have seriously identified the gender of yourself 

Conversely if the parent s feelings were not happy even has the rift in their relationship the child will feel frightened and disoriented with no help in knowing gender We can imagine another background as an active mother who always devoted to her works outside housework so her children will easily understand the notion of status and values between men and women are equal However in the other hand with a family with domestic violence when a mom is abused by the father and she is the only one who worries about housework all the time and does not care about the society so it might be easy to make for her children have inaccurate perceptions about gender role To begin with gender experience I think culture is another aspect which impacts to gender as characteristics and social behavior of human As I remembered my childhood I always am heard be gentle be kind by my mother and when I was teenager my mother reminds me many time that I need to be caring as well With reminder be gentle from my mom it limited my childhood as well since 

I couldn't play sports like my brother does Also when I was 5 years old I asked my mother to get me the blue clothes like my brother or play soccer with him but my mother didn't accept that because it is not the thing that the girl should do In Become Members of Society The Social Meanings of Gender article Aaron Devor said Very young children learn their culture s social definition of gender and gender identity at the same that they learn what gender behavior are appropriate for them It happens a lot in Asian culture as an illustration in my country Vietnam with the girl like me who always was told by other older women that every girl has to know and do the works in the family suited to her ability and proper functions such as cooking sewing and cleaning the house and taking care her own family which are important than finding the jobs in social community It's the old conception about traditional women in Vietnam but nowadays there are a lot of change in my developing country that women can go to work like men do and both men and women share job positions in family for helping each other to take care the house and kids Moreover culture is the biological factor influence on human being as gender and personality As I remembered in Vietnam before 2014 there are still have sexism with LBGT community which was isolated by another people because of their genders unusual personality and acting 

For example one of my best friend group in high school who is a boy but he always acts like a girl and even know about girly stuff like makeup same as a girl he like to join and play with the girls than the boys same as him He told that he was bullied isolated and scorn during his secondary school because of his abnormal But since 2015 when LGBT couple was accepted same gender marriage by the new laws from government the discrimination of LGBT was also reduced in recent years To conclude gender plays an important role in human life and society Although we both genders are all same in some ways as human body parts but there are her or his own personality and characteristics which make each one of us being unique to identify each other in reality even the twins as well They are same gender same as each other but they will have different hobbie feelings minds and characteristics in somehow

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