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Many immigrants first came to this country they settled in many states of the America They are main 15 states that immigrants made up the biggest share of the population But the mainly they settled in the five states such as New York Taxes California Florida and New Jersey Mostly immigrants have settled in larger number of group Record shows that that in this 5 states 5 out 1 person is immigrants that is almost 79 of the national population Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data Although the ranking as been changed over the years almost all the states that have the same immigrants There is data stating how many percentage are there in what city they have settled In California it is about 20 New York has 14 and Florida has 10 and new jersey 7 many more states There is table to check all the states percentage population of immigrants This number is that are shown are on the image are actually number that illegal immigrants at the time This chart will also state that what kind of people are in what states and what are their percentage This data changes every year it mainly based on number of the people coming to this country illegal and staying in different states Basically this illegal immigrants have coming to the states which have more job opportunity business Many illegal immigrants come here due to economic reasons The main reason behind the immigration is Freedom

They come here for better opportunities for employment freedom avoidance of political oppression and better education and health They have come here for the good quality of the life and education of their kids and they have ability to have bilingual kids Every illegal immigrants comes here to find something They have different stories or reason to come to the United States There are many reason behind coming to this country From my point of view There are 7 main reasons that why People come here such as financially secured future high standard of living Education start of series political reason need to different personality and soul mate If you think about it this 7 reason people decided to migrates Immigrants mainly come here to do make their life better and have to good education Many immigrants come here to this country to avoid the conflicts and war among going to their country Many reason behind coming to the country is to have a good future and have better future for their children and family They have also come here to avoid the poverty and get good healthy medical healthcare They also come here for the education and job and to have new idea business opportunity and some money Illegal immigrants have also have the come here for their bright future of their and America Research say that immigrants helps to increases the size economy of the country and contribute to economy growth 

Many immigrants have their business that contribute to the economy of the country Illegal immigrants have contribute the economy by working small hands job Immigrants not only contribute in the economy wise but also culture wise They have brought their culture and tradition of this country According to the research they are 3 million immigrants that are working as the U S labor without this labour force America half of the work won t be done According the us agriculture department that about of the half the worker are illegal immigrants and since so far they have increase the sale of by 61 They have contribute nearly 12 billion of each year to the states According to the studies of Institute on Taxation Economic Policy found that immigrants U S without legal permission kick in their billions in the form of income and property and sales of the taxes In other words even though immigrants in the country illegally pay billions of dollars to the U S government in the form of taxes some research still pegs them as a net drain on government resources According to this chart show the percentage of the immigration working and citizen worker on a average

As you can see that illegal immigrants worker percentage is going up like there are getting more job than the citizen of America This data is show that illegal immigration is working hard and there is percentage is than citizen of the America This data show that illegal immigration are increase the percentage than the citizen There is always be debat on the job that immigrants are taking way job of the citizen According the data 3 3 million immigrant business owners accounted for 20 3 percent of all self employed U S residents in 2015 and generated 72 3 billion in business income IN 2015 immigrants accounted for 21 9 percent of all business owners in 50 of the largest U S metropolitan areas The illegal aliens come with skills which can be invested in their home countries to produce resources Since most of these aliens move to other countries like in the United States in search for higher education these people can also be utilized in their home countries in most of the economic activities Since they have good technology they can help in growth of the economy since they lead to innovation in many sectors of the economy

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