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Impact Legacy Establishing how you want to have an impact involves an integrated web of opportunities including investments career philanthropic activities academic endeavors and political influence We help you organize your thoughts into an integrated strategy that addresses what impact you want to have where you want to have it and how you want to realize it We combine our extensive network with yours to help leverage the execution of your objectives all within the framework of your family s vision values and resources Estate Income Tax When tackling a jigsaw puzzle you've likely taken the divide and conquer approach separating the larger puzzle into more manageable sections Eventually bringing the different areas into focus to put the finishing touches on the full image Wealth management of your estate planning and income taxes is the same Estate planning emphasizes an array of complex matters spanning death taxes asset protection business succession planning incapacity guardianship and family missions

Compartmentalizing can be helpful but professional collaboration between trusted advisors is key to bringing the pieces of the puzzle back together in the end It is critical that strategies to maximize the value of each of our clients estates are coordinated with their retirement financial and income tax planning Through coordinating the day to day aspects of your finances we gather and communicate information to your CPA and Attorneys in real time This makes your year end process of gathering documents or quarterly filings more efficient while keeping your trusted advisors apprised of new developments Working seamlessly with your attorney we help you think through the intricacies of your estate plan and ensure it aligns with your current vision and values Risk Management We believe that the financial services industry has struggled to develop innovative retirement solutions Such solutions are elusive because providers suffer from behavioral biases that blind them to post retirement changes in risk and psychology trapping themselves in habitual modes of thought that strangle the imagination needed to see new solutions New Problems Call for New Solutions Traditional risk management teaches that an investor s asset allocation determines their risk and return profile and assumes that there is a risk reward trade off for potentially realizing greater returns

The problem is that these potential returns come with a price of increased volatility Benjamin Graham known as The Dean of Wall Street stated that the essence of investment management is the management of risk not the management of returns We believe that risk management begins with strategic placement of asset location and the use of uncorrelated investment strategies Family Governance Preparation Reshaping the way high net worth families preserve nurture and grow their wealth Commitment to the integration of all of a family's financial needs and the preparation of each family member to help families build and maintain a culture of communication and alignment supports the successful transfer of both wealth and wisdom for generations We help your family build a platform for effective communication instilling confidence that the legacy you envision is woven into the fabric of your family VALUES RETREAT In this process we lead a family discussion to help you create a vision and values for your family These points serve as your family's guide for joint decision making GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE We facilitate the creation of a governance structure and process for decision making in the family based on your vision and values

FAMILY MEETINGS AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT We provide a format for family meetings that is interactive and meaningful in supporting the family s culture opportunities for multigenerational decision making practice such as a multi gen investment committee and skills development to enhance listening and communication within the family A key element to support this decision making process is helping your family develop a framework that involves the definition and alignment of your family s mission vision and values The powerful combination of these three elements sets the stage for a family that collaborates and enjoys the responsibility and legacy that wealth provides Committing to a culture of engaging all family members around the responsibilities and opportunities that come with wealth significantly improves your odds of executing your vision for the future We help your family nurture its culture and define its legacy through collaborative wealth management We have developed a unique model that integrates the technical aspects of a family office investments and wealth planning coordination with the preparation communication and impact services that empower you and your family to confidently steward your wealth Cash Management We pride ourselves on capturing all of the details of your financial world and helping your family make sense of them Investments Basic needs include the management of investments and cash flow and the structural elements of income tax planning estate planning and insurance among other disciplines Our service model is designed to provide your family best of class advice and execution of these core technical elements of family office management ENDOWMENT APPROACH PRESERVE AND PROTECT SMARTS SKILLS AND ACCESS CONFLICT FREE COST AWARE

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