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Impact of Work Environment on Job Satisfaction of Employees Research in various commercial banks in Hyderabad Pakistan Abstract To study the research of five factors of job satisfaction Employment earnings job security employment relationship and psychological strain were examined in addition to general job satisfaction The main objective of this study was to examine the level of job satisfaction of bank employees in Hyderabad A structured questionnaire survey was conducted The required information was collected from 2 banks and randomly selected employees from private banks The results of the survey show that private bank employees were more comfortable with wages recognition and working hours Keywords Job Satisfaction private sector banks Introduction Most of human life is being spent in work which is the social reality and social expectations that the man seems to emphasize Until then there was no economic motive except men It is always important to know why men work and what level they are satisfied with With the opening up of Pakistan's economy considerable change was observed in the manufacturing and service sectors This has resulted in increased employment an increase in the level of income and changes in the pattern of consumption thus creating a competitive environment in the country In particular the expansion of the private banking sector along with dedicated services has led to stiff competition in this sector

This intense competition has made the service gap more widely available as private banks offer better services to their internal and external customers This has created a desire for policy makers to identify and take into account the underlying causes of job satisfaction It is believed that staff satisfaction is one of the basic requirements of a well managed organization and is considered an imperative by all corporate departments It is an undeniable fact that the future of business depends on the level of satisfaction of its workforce Unsatisfactory workforce causes immediate problems only in their own business Literature Review Work Environment An attractive and supportive business is critical to job satisfaction The work environment has many characteristics that may affect both physical and mental well being The quality of work is essential to keep workers on their different tasks and to work effectively Good work is verified through characteristics such as competitive wages trust between employees and management equity and equity for all and reasonable workload with difficult goals to be achieved The combination of all these conditions makes the workstation the best possible working conditions for employees to work with a high level of satisfaction

As a profit oriented organization creating an enabling environment for satisfied employees is leading to the required bottom lines The working environment can be grouped into three distinct but overlapping forms This is the physical work environment the psychological work environment and the social work environment According to supportive working environments help workers to perform their duties more effectively and to make the best use of their knowledge skills competencies and resources available to provide high quality services Job Satisfaction Grounded on evaluation among analysis of literature in job satisfaction many researchers have defined job satisfaction differently Job Satisfaction according to 16 is an affective and emotional response to various facets of one s job 17 describes it as being an emotional response that results from the employee s perceived fulfillment of their needs and what they believe the company to have offered Even though in recent times researchers have tried to replicate current theoretical footings of job satisfaction 18 definition which happens to be one of the initial definitions of this model is still the most cited He defined job satisfaction as any combination of psychological physiological and environmental circumstances that causes a person truthfully to say I am satisfied with my job 18 Based on the assessment between literature analysis in job satisfaction many researchers have identified job satisfaction differently Job satisfaction according to 16 is emotional and emotional response to various aspects of one function 17 describes it as an emotional response caused by the employee s fulfillment of their needs and what they believe the company has offered

Although researchers have recently attempted to replicate current theoretical models of job satisfaction 18 the definition that occurs to be one of the primary definitions of this model is still the most cited Job satisfaction is defined as any combination of psychological physiological and environmental conditions that makes a person say honestly I am satisfied with my job In general most definitions cover the employee's emotional feelings regarding their work This function can generally be or their attitudes towards specific features their colleagues their salaries or their working conditions 19 In addition the degree to which the results of the work are achieved or exceeded may determine the level of job satisfaction Therefore the most significant effect of my condition on job satisfaction seems to be the function itself and may be the most important personal feature of job satisfaction forecasting It is clear that some other personal methods such as astrophysics and accuracy may also affect job satisfaction 20

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