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Imperialism in Africa The three main reasons the Industrial Revolution caused 19th century imperialism Africa is because of economic changes military and technological advancements and social cultural changes The Industrial Revolution caused imperialism in Africa by opening new trade markets creating territories and by creating new ways to travel Imperialism was a time when stronger nations were taking over weaker nations and they traveled to other countries to open trade routes and markets Europeans traveled to Africa to expand their earnings One important reason the Industrial Revolution affected imperialism in Africa is by expanding the European economy A general motive for colonial expansion was the search for new markets Doc O People wanted new ways to sell or buy their products So a venture to Africa helped them open new trade markets They also opened new markets in Africa so that they could get new or different resources than they would usually get Europeans also believed Africans to be undereducated so they were able to make the natives more than they had to for the goods and resources from Europe Natives filled the buckets that was a tax laid upon the natives for roads schools hospitals civilization Doc Q The natives of Africa were taxed so that Europeans could open markets open hospitals and help the African people build a life so they could use their resources Europeans were helping

Africa build a modern environment but they were making Africans pay for it Europe conquered new territories so that they could use the sources there and that they could get it cheaper Overseas markets grew more important than domestic or nearby European markets Doc I Europe and other countries used overseas to sell buy good and resources Overseas became more popular than domestic because they were cheaper Overseas markets aren t as developed as the ones on land so the good that Europeans brought were cheaper than the ones they would get on land Another reason Africa was imperialized because of the Industrial Revolution by military and technological advances There was a wide spread use of quinine that was used as a treatment for malaria Doc G Africa was known as the white man's grave because they couldn't get deep into Africa without catching malaria and dying The invention of quinine has helped European countries venture into the middle and south of Africa They were able to prevent any more deaths after a vaccination was created Steam ships with iron hulls high pressure steam engines and screw propellers were used to go on long distances across the ocean Doc H The creation of steam ships made it easier and faster for Europeans to travel to Africa without waiting for the wind to carry them across an ocean They would be able to carry their goods ad resources back and forth between Africa and Europe Europeans invested in cannons they were light cheap and could be fired by a crew of trained artillerymen as rapidly as a single soldier could load and fire a musket Doc H The Europeans invested in cannons so that they could use it to conquer territories in Africa and so that they could fight of other countries that wanted their land This created a competition to see who could conquer the most land The final reason why the Industrial Revolution helped imperialize 

Africa is because of social cultural changes The British empire was a racial construct in which whites were of higher status than non whites Wherever one traveled in the empire including Africa the white person was the the master Doc K The Europeans believed they were more superior because they were white and come from a more civilized environment It also says wherever one has traveled the white person was the master this means that no matter where you when in the world even to Africa the white person was the master and the colored person must do as told Also throughout time the colored person was considered the slave Take up the White Man's Burden Doc P The white people believed it was their job to do and fix the way the people of Africa were living They felt that the systems that they had weren't as sophisticated as the ones in Europe The Europeans wanted the Africans to live like them because then there wouldn't be a difference in the way things are done The natives were educated and the Europeans foreigners were given access to free trade routes Doc Q The Europeans thought that if they had educated and modernized the savages then they could get free access to trade routes and other resources The main reasons why the Industrial Revolution caused imperialism were because of social cultural changes economic growth and technological military advances The urge to get more land and resources made them conquer parts of Africa This opened up new markets The view of how the white people see Africans is different than how they see each other The need for expansion forced Europeans to expand their artillery They had to fend of other countries and to keep the Africans under control they created new weapons to get more power The Industrial revolution helped modernize Europe

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