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To implement trust policies is a major concern while designing trusted environment In the proposed approach the trust is maintained at the initial phase when a new node joins the distributed network We have embodied the traditional security model with services as client has to authenticate before making a request We have assumed that in every organization there are some trustworthy nodes which perform coordination and management The entire system is controlled by such trustworthy central coordinator which keeps the information about all nodes including number of nodes number of resources and services present in the system The proposed approach enhances the performance of complete system by sharing the authentication workload among all other nodes To accomplish this goal we have devised an agent based system with various functionalities as monitoring the servers balancing the load of service providers and service request in case of unavailability of servers The agent system in the proposed approach has reliability autonomy reactivity proactiveness social ability and rationality features It receives the client's request checks its database for the requested service and the load status of the service providers and responds according to the status It interacts with the clients and servers and according to their requirements it behaves It has a goal directed behavior that is servicing other nodes in the system

The agent system is also designed to achieve the goal of improving the performance over time For example if agent notices the unavailability of service providers it can itself serve the client's request To maintain the trust each node is required to register itself to SuperHost which is a trustworthy system with highest trust level Registering of a node does not mean that it is authorize to obtain all the services and resources of the distributed system A client has to authenticate itself with KDC to get the reference of Agent system The agent system is another trustworthy system which is authorized by the SuperHost The security of the distributed system is enhanced by observing the activities and location of the client by SuperHost The client may be a perfidious client who has joined the distributed system and wants to occupy more and more resources and services by behaving as a group of multiple users A SuperHost system keeps the track of such clients and regulates their uncontrolled behavior 2 1 1 Features of Proposed Approach 2 1 1 1 Assumptions 

A few limitations are utilized for joining the customer in the conveyed framework like customer must need to share a few assets for example processor some fundamental administrations and so on keeping in mind the end goal to get to the current assets and administrations of the conveyed framework Customer needs to illuminate about span of its accessibility in the dispersed framework to SuperHost The heap list of server is accepted as far as number of customers related with it 2 1 1 2 Load Balancing In the proposed demonstrate a specialist framework is utilized to adjust the heap of specialist organizations Specialist records the administration registries and most extreme load that a server can deal with as far as customers Operator assigns the rundown of underneath stacked servers to customer At whatever point a customer demands for an administration operator gives the references of servers as per their heap status On account of inaccessibility of server for an asked for benefit the specialist gives benefit by itself on the off chance that it has any Additionally if every one of the servers are over burden for the asked for benefit the specialist framework can assume the part of server without anyone else 2 1 1 3 Life time of Client and Server The life time of customer and server is controlled by SuperHost However the customer and server can likewise make an express taking off demand to SuperHost In the previous case at the season of joining the framework SuperHost educates customer about its life time 

On the off chance that customer stays sit out of gear for a predefined timeframe the SuperHost can conserve the customer from the framework verifiably accepting that customer does not have any desire to proceed with this framework Similarly if server does not make any endeavor to adjust or refresh its administrationsfor a settled timeframe it will never again be permitted to remain server 3 PROPOSED COLLABORATED TRUST ENHANCED SECURITY CTES MODEL 3 1 Components of CTES Model The components of proposed CTES model are defined as follow 3 1 1 SuperHost SuperHost is the dependable hub which goes about as focal controller of frameworks This framework is additionally dependable to research the customer about its dependability to screen the life time of customers also servers It gives different to clients identified with its operation for example record refresh reference of Authentication Server AS to customer and reference of specialist to server individually 3 1 2 KDC KDC Key v

Distribution Center is a collective name for AS Authentication Server and TGS Ticket Granting Server under Kerberos realm Each client contacts AS to receive TGT Ticket Granting Ticket and then TGS to receive a session key and a SGT Service Granting Ticket before making a request for services 3 1 3 Agent The proposed agent system is assumed to be a trustworthy system An agent system registers the services offered by servers keeps load status of service providers provides the list of servers on request of client and serves the request of client in case of unavailability of service providers 3 1 4 Client Any new node registered by the SuperHost is termed as client node Each node is required to send a request to SuperHost at the time of joining the system A unique client_id has been assigned to each client by SuperHost A client can make requests for services and resources in the distributed system for which it has to authenticate through the KDC

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