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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1 1 OVERVIEW In advertising the kind of tone used in the language for an advertisement is important because it can affect the delivering of the message in order to understand to take action to inform to educate or to entertain the audience When the tone of language is being misunderstood in an advertisement it will cause the advertisement to have failed in reaching its message to the audience possibly due to negative connotations or lack of impact in the style of language Although the use of tone in language needs to be appropriate to the subject of the advertisement it is also important that it can deliver the message more interestingly or gives strong impact towards the viewers 1 2 PROBLEM STATEMENT We have come to an era where the visuals on an advertisements isn't solely the only reason for the advertisement to successfully catch the attention of the public however it is also important to consider that the tone of the language used should be impactful and meaningful as of a complement to the visual Malaysia are still lacking in a diverse usage of tone of language in the advertisements Local advertisements that are seen around the country are commonly to sound straightforward in the messages therefore it may be perceived as dull or uninteresting or the advertisements may have an inappropriate use of language such as innuendo tone which delivers a negative connotation and will affect people's perception of the advertisement and the brand 

Although it is considerate to apply a straightforward tone of language in advertisements in order to allow the viewers to understand the message more clearly and immediately however it might not affect the viewers to have a sort of reaction or emotion to the advertisement If local advertisements considered using sarcasm it may be perceived differently either positively or negatively depending on whether the sarcasm is intended to sound humorous taunting ironic provocative or satirical In Malaysia it may be a concern in using sarcasm as a tone of language in advertisements because the society may not understand the intentions of the message being delivered to them therefore it may cause the advertisement to be a failure 1 3 RESEARCH OBJECTIVES The objectives in doing research about use of sarcasm as a suitable device in delivering messages in advertisements are i To understand whether sarcasm has been used a lot in Malaysian advertisements in order to strengthen the message that is trying to be carried out to the audience ii To find out how to make a good impact of using sarcasm as a tool to deliver a successful advertisements iii To describe the importance of the use of tone of language in advertising in Malaysia 

1 4 RESEARCH QUESTIONS Research questions regarding this writing are i What are the different perceptions towards sarcastic advertisements ii Why do people sometimes misunderstand sarcastic message iii What is the important usage of sarcasm in making a good advertisement 1 5 HYPOTHESIS The hypotheses about this research are i The use of sarcasm in an advertisement will have an effect in delivering the message to the society ii A possibility that Malaysia may have more interesting and successful advertisements if they incorporated sarcasm iii If local advertisements would be more challenging in using sarcasm more it may increase the interest of the viewers 1 6 STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE Advertising is the most persuasive tools in promoting a product or services Advertising can be classified into printed media or broadcast media To make it more effective companies using sarcasm as the tone of language in their advertisement The impact of using sarcasm in advertising towards the members of the public would be very impressive This research might be useful to all Malaysia s advertising company especially They can use this research in order to have an effective advertising tools and method in promoting their products or services This will make sure that if they consider of using sarcasm more often in advertisements they will present effective advertisements and it would be more interesting towards the public eye 

1 7 LIMITATION In this study the researcher only focuses on a wide range of target audience from early 20s to late 60s pensioners As we all know audience who view advertisements are mostly are easily being influence by the advertisement if the advertisement successfully sends the message effectively We found that the possibility for the young adults to find sarcastic advertisements to a higher effectiveness than the other age range because of their level of understanding sarcastic remarks This research only focuses on local television commercial advertising and an international printed advertisement and a local digital advertising The reason why the researcher only focuses on these types of advertisements two local and one international is because it would be easier to find a comparison of whether local advertisements that consists of sarcastic remarks is as impactful as an international advertisements that uses sarcasm as their tone of language The comparison would be easy to be analysed later on in the research

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