Essay Example on In all societies around the world mythologies and rites have developed together being the central points of the manifestation of a culture









In all societies around the world mythologies and rites have developed together being the central points of the manifestation of a culture For the mythologist Joseph Campbell a series of images and archetypal characters are in the psychic base of every human being The myths and rites resonate in our social reality and also in our intimate reality helping us to experience the ecstasy of being alive For the French philosopher Georges Bataille erotism is in short a pulse of the body that wants to transcend itself and reach the other and the wholeness of life accepting life even into death For him at the basis of all our desires is the desire for deep cohesion These instances the erotic the transgression the sacred are intricate in the human culture producing together a ritualistic place where the body is the medium In ritualistic moments a community is connected and experiences concepts related to the body fertility creation pairs of opposites life cycle sacrifice death transcendence etc Through the ritualistic erotic experience one can transgress breaking the limits imposed by daily cultural prohibitions ritualistic feasts sacrifice sexual freedom exposition of the flesh this moments make possible the inner experience capable of revealing a new body perception and a renew communal connection To modify the identity is to modify the corporeality 

The identity is disseminated in the body the body is full of identities subjectivities that should be explored and not repressed The place chosen for this research is my country of origin Brazil Brazil is the country that values the public and urban celebration par excellence where the citizens claim public spaces for the party The Brazilian calendar is marked by many festivities Across the country festivals processions and artistic events that portray the tastes and customs of the population are part of the community s manifestation making Brazil one of the countries with great representation of popular culture in the world The popular celebrations are festive events which main characteristic is the participation of the colectivity They are also characterized by the remarkable presence of regional traditions religious rituals food music dances and typical clothing They occur in several localities of Brazil some are specific to certain cities or regions and are linked to Brazilian folklore since they have a strong cultural component Mixed and merged religiosity is one of the evident traits in the culture of the Brazilian people Throughout the country various religious events take place during the year dragging thousands of faithful who follow in processions and pilgrimages to honor their saints of devotion

Another big celebration with religious roots is the Carnaval being the largest popular party in the country that happens for four days It is possible to see similarities in the country s festivities and performing arts in which they provide a way to escape social normalities and hierarchical structures not being a simple or meaningless celebration but a movement to celebrate the lack of social ties with the hierarchical structure and a form of transgression of the norms of the everyday society a kind of celebrations in which everyone can get involved breaking the body repression However one sees the decline of the rite in contemporary society and with it a whole powerful communal manifestation is lost The automatism of neoliberal society deprived us of the celebration of the delirium According to the philosopher Paul Michel Foucault the bourgeois society restricts illegitimate sexualities to places where they can make a profit since at a time when labor is much exploited energies can not be spent within pleasures Body and sex are regulated but not by prohibition but by means of useful discourses in order to strengthen and increase the power of the State

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung believed that the ancient spirits who took possession of primitive man still exist and that many forces of the human psyche are not under the control of our consciousness Jung considers that the real danger lies in the presence of many elements that should be part of the conscious mind are instead inhabiting the unconscious This is due according to him to the fact that these elements are repressed The famous Jungian process of individuation is the attempt to integrate the unconscious into the conscious This research aims to explore strategies of inclusion of erotic rites in the community in search of regaining the power of expression inherent in the body having the Brazilian festivals and art as a ground of analysis Rites consist of a set of archetypal themes the representation and incorporation of personified natural forces into behaviors In the mythical liturgical structure the body becomes a simulacrum of different entities capable of expressing psychic foundations of human behaviors

The goal here is to allow the expression of a body that is always in a process of becoming moving away from the defined and repressed identity shown in normative everyday reconnecting us to the pleasure of being alive To propose the reinsertion of the ritualistic sphere in public space I am going to analyze the Brazilian festive artistic and ritualistic universe in order to establish ways of introducing ritualistic moments in society that should be experienced as a dangerous and archetypal reality providing us with everything that can be found in love crime war or madness I will also approach the study developed by Augusto Boal a Brazilian theater practitioner who created the Theatre of the Oppressed a theater ritual that would mobilize the forces inherent in life eliminating resistance and personal psychophysical blockages for the full realization of the creative act and transformation of the reality

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