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In Chapter 1 the concept of social facilitation is explored How might you use the information you have about social facilitation to improve your performance Be concrete and specific How would you apply what you have learned to benefit your performance or improve your skills What are the limits of tasks Can social facilitation help you do something challenging or only improve something you are already adept at doing Does it work for any types of tasks or only particular types of tasks What is Zajonc s claim about why this effect occurs Social facilitation could be implemented to improve many daily activities in my life assuming they are convenient and seen as an easy or comfortable activity For example I could use social facilitation by studying with others in a group By myself I might be distracted and less focused but in a group I could potentially become more determined to study due to the good study habits of my group Watching others study vigorously would encourage me to study at the same rate Social facilitation would also help me workout by having a workout buddy I become competitive and want to do and try my best at lifting weights or jogging on the treadmill I feel the need in my workout to train just as hard or harder than my gym partner creating an internal motivation that I might not have on my own I would apply this knowledge in my life by actively engaging others in my activities by including myself in study groups and trying to go to the gym with a friend rather than just by myself 

Learning about social facilitation also has made me self aware about how successful my skill is when I am alone and will now compare how I perform on my own compared in a group The limits of this tasks that I would perform due to social facilitation would probably be when I feel least comfortable If I am actively studying with an individual who is much smarter than me I start to doubt and become insecure about my knowledge which leads me to focus more on the negatives on my study habits compared to motivating me to study I would place limits to only comfortable and easy tasks in my life to allow social facilitation to occur Social facilitation does not occur when a task is difficult because we are not confident or comfortable to making mistakes or learning from errors in front of others I know in my life when I am trying something new or doing a challenging activity I become more nervous around others and tend to do worse than I would on my own Specific tasks that a person finds simple and easy promote social facilitation compared to complex tasks that cause the individual to present worse skills Zajonc claims that social facilitation increases our skill set at certain activities due to the increases in our physiological arousal which helps us think quicker and perform better at routine behaviors Stating that he believes an increase in heart rate blood pressure and breathing can be attributed to the presence of other people This then heightens our senses to make us hyper aware and more efficient at certain tasks 2 Stapel who committed data fraud has highlighted the importance of considering ethical behavior

 This is not only a matter of moral transgression on the part of the person but also the broader harms that resulted from this action Explain at least five distinct impacts of Stapel s behaviors You will need to apply information beyond the textbook and apply your understanding of the scientific community and science as it serves the public good Also think about the impacts on specific others and the broader impact on the public The unethical behavior of Stapel caused many repercussions ranging from damages to the science community to affecting daily lives by fabricating experimental data One negative impact of Stapel s behavior is providing data that sparked other researchers interest and plans His data was used as references in other research studies as well as reasoning for performing certain experiments 

His unethical behavior caused many new experimental designs to be based on falsified data robbing researchers of the truth Another negative impact of his behavior was on the students and colleagues that worked with him in his lab Stapel s demonstrated unethical behavior by lying to his colleagues and students This discredited much of the work of the students and hindered the resumes and future opportunities of his colleagues and students due to his discretion Stapel could also have an impact on organizations that used his data to decrease littering or increase positive body image The data he presented could have been used to design plans targeted at consumers in hopes of bettering social behavior Due to the falsification of his data these measures taken to develop a plan would have no reasoning for promoting any type of results due to there being no causal relationship Stapel would also influence the lives of the students studying his work and learning about social psychology through undergraduate or a graduate education Many professors use scientific articles to help teach students important theories His behavior hindered students that are paying for a higher education and cause them not to learn valuable information but instead receive false information The public was also negatively influenced by his unethical behavior because it sparked doubt and weariness in the general public's eye about scientific information There is already much speculation about science and the impacts of research Generating publicity focused on false research creates even more distrust in science causing a greater gap between the scientific field and the general public

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