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In Harrison Bergeron Vonnegut explores the theme of forced equality in Yankee thusciety within the not so distant future the writer creates a world within which all living individuals square measure equal altogether ways in which He focuses on making equality of neutering beauty strength and intelligence as critical addressing race religion and sex truth problems with equality in society He writes this story to show the lesson that every one individual isn t equal but rather all of them have strengths and weaknesses creating every unambiguously individual Vonnegut forces equality in America within the areas of beauty strength and intelligence He creates a world within which stunning individuals wear masks to hide their faces and robust people carry weights to form them adequate to the weaker population For the intelligent men and ladies headsets that blast random noises square measure worn to interfere with intellectual thoughts These handicaps square measure to be worn the least bit times and square measure enforced by law to equalize all citizenry the writer makes Harrison terribly handsome strong and intelligent He must wear associate degree abnormally giant receiver large weights giant glasses and a red rubber nose simply to offset his options the writer writes The remainder of Harrison s look was Allhallows Eve and hardware no one had ever borne heavier handicaps 128 If ever a handicap law is broken the gamblerGeneral WHO wears no handicaps and carries a small arm hunts down the culprit and kills him 

This corrupt equality by the writer is formed on associate degree attribute basis and may solely be administrated through force Vonnegut s variety of forced equality is going to be questioned by the incapacitated persistently and can eventually fail He uses Harrison within the story to indicate that folks can protest and work against the handicaps till the handicap system is abolished He writes Harrison molding the straps off his handicap harness like wet tissue molding straps certain to support 5 thousand pounds 129 With the handicaps that forestall anyone from being equal no competition is allowed while not competition there may be no improvement in any space of life All progress that needs to be thought is going to be stopped and every one vital thinking can finish The economy can eventually crash thanks to lack of improvement Vonnegut s variety of equality can ne er add any method as a result of it demoralizes the civilization and stops all creative thinking Equality in Harrison Bergeron is virtuously wrong It ignores the teachings of God God teaches the North American nation within the bible to be proud of what He has given the North American nation He tells the North American nation of the North American nation what He has blessed us with to assist others Mr Bergeron is endowed intelligence and therefore the gambler General forces him to wear a receiver to stay him from mistreatment his intelligence to beat others that aren t as sensible as him The handicaps square measure holding back the potential that God has given to a person or lady the writer shows however Harrison s potential is command back once he writes He flung away his rubber ball nose discovered a person that will have awed 

Thor the god of thunder 129 Harrison Bergeron must wear very significant weights giant glasses associate degreed a phone as a result he s sensible strong and he has smart sight The gifts God provides to Harrison square measure bumped off from him by the writer These all contradict the word of God and thus square measure virtuously wrong America and alternative countries want equality in several aspects of life like race religion and sex so as to measure in peace and harmony Past historical events like slavery genocide and spiritual fighting occur once equality is out of balance it s once one cluster of individuals believe that they re higher and higher than another cluster once violence begins This corruption is amplified onto totally different levels like classification symbolization degradation organized attack polarization preparation extermination and denial Equality is required in countries in aspects of race religion and sex so as for the country to thrive and sleep in peace One of the foremost necessary themes in Harrison Bergeron is that equality in any country is merely useful in areas like race religion and sex however not for individual attributes like beauty intelligence and strength If one alters the arrange of God and tries to alter the planet to be utterly equal then the planet can collapse Vonnegut writes this story to assist the North American nation to understand that equality is supposed to form no man or lady higher than another man or lady the most important theme in Harrison Bergeron is that equality is for rights and not for attributes like beauty strength and intelligence

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