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Wirth Period 2 Cold Front In meteorology a front is where two air masses meet It is the basis of the study of weather The main four types of fronts are cold front warm front stationary front and occluded front When a mass of cold air enters an area of warm air it is called a cold front This weather phenomenon can have an impact on people and their surroundings A cold front is scientifically defined as the transition zone where a cold air mass is replacing a warmer air mass Cold fronts usually move from northwest to southeast and often follow warm fronts and squall lines which are a line of thunderstorms forming along or ahead of a cold front The air behind a cold front is noticeably colder and drier than the air ahead of it As the cold front passes through an area the temperature can drop more than fifteen degrees in the first hour of its presence Cold fronts form when a cooler air mass moves into an area of warmer air in the aftermath of a developing extratropical cyclone 

The warmer air interacts with the cooler air mass along the boundary and usually produces precipitation such as heavy rains hail thunder and lightning As most cycles in nature do cold fronts have different stages Pressure begins to fall exponentially as the front approaches and rain often starts not long before it arrives becoming heavy for a short period of time This is often accompanied by an increase in and a backing of the wind In some cases there may also be hail and thunder One can infer that the the front is passing when air pressure rises instead of falls and a veer in the wind As the rain dies away the cloud lifts and breaks and despite the sunshine the air temperature falls After a time cumulus clouds begin to form often bringing showers Cumulus clouds are the most common cloud types that are produced by cold fronts They often grow into cumulonimbus clouds which produce thunderstorms Sometimes the showers may become heavy and can be accompanied by hail and thunder In other cases pressure will rise rapidly after a cold front has passed and this causes there to be few if any showers After the cold front passes air temperature continues to fall though not as rapidly before it finally stabilizes Other kinds of clouds formed during a cold front are nimbostratus stratocumulus and stratus clouds Those are the general stages of a cold front as sometimes weather is unpredictable Not only do cold fronts affect the environment but it affects people on an emotional and physical level It is scientifically proven that our blood pressure rises which can increase your chance of a heart attack or a stroke if you have a high blood pressure for a long time As we react to our body's temperamental behavior our mind follows suit and we have to resist hibernation We crave comfort food TV and all things warm slow and easy 

Other symptoms are less energy extra weight mood swings joint pain headaches and sinus pains In addition diabetics have a harder time controlling blood sugar which can be life threatening Cold fronts are stronger in the winter fall and spring transition seasons and are weakest during summer so you are more likely to experience these symptoms during the colder months As anyone who has ever watched a local television meteorologist can tell you the weather is not always easy to predict The atmosphere is a maddeningly complex chaotic system and even the best forecasts involve some level of uncertainty Fortunately the basic mechanisms of the weather are relatively well understood even if the results are not always predictable However with a cold front in the forecast there is a good chance you will feel a change in your body as well as the weather On weather maps a cold front is represented By a solid blue line with filled triangles along it The triangles are like arrowheads pointing in the How a cold front forms direction that the front is moving One of the most notorious cold fronts in U S history sent temperatures plummeting more than 70 degrees in a matter of hours and also whipped up blizzard conditions immediately after a tornado outbreak in the Midwest The so called blue norther cold front sliced its way from the Plains states during the morning of Nov 11 1911 to near the Mississippi River by that evening Behind the front was a bitterly cold arctic air mass that originates near the north pole which quickly wiped away warm humid conditions in place from the southern Plains to the mid Mississippi and Ohio Valleys Citations https study com academy lesson what is a cold front definition facts characteristics associated weather html https en wikipedia org wiki Cold_front https www weather lmk nov_11_1911_cold_front http www metlink org secondary key stage 4 weather systems

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