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In my life there are many things and people that I care about the most I can list out a thousand things such as family knowledge health money and more Among those important things and people we really need to take more care and drag more attention to the environment that we live in now Pollutants in the air are not always visible and come from many different sources Contribute to the global warming there are many kinds of pollutions some are visible and some are not But it does not matter which kind of pollutions it will damage the environmental anyways Air pollution and population health are one of the most important and serious environmental and health issues Clean air is one of the very basic requirements of human health and well being Air pollution becomes a very common term in the world it occurs when any harmful gases dust smoke enters into the air and makes it difficult for plants animals and also the humans to survive as the air becomes dirty and harmful Because of the construction transportation agriculture industrial work mining and others some development cities are having a higher level of the pollution than other small cities Also the level of the air pollution will affect the different level of human health problems such as simple coughing chronic lung diseases and skin diseases 

Why air pollution is so important that will damage our living and environment As people to their quality of life requirement increase and improve their quality of life air pollution becomes a very serious problem that we have in this society The more gasoline we burn the more manufactories we build and the more trees we cut down will cause how many carbon dioxide forms so the air that we breathe in contains carbon dioxide This is a major problem damaging our health and normal lifestyle As the level of air pollution increase rapidly the chances of people getting diseases also increased Lung cancer skin cancer asthma pneumonia and leukemia are the common diseases that people will most likely to get and suffer due to the air pollution One of my friends grew up in a large city the pollution in the city that she lives in is higher than other cities she will be walked out the door with the sunscreen all over her face and mask cover half of her face The transportation got limited they classify cars as even and odd numbers so you only can drive when the number of your car matches the numbers that are posted today She was suffering from the air pollution in her city the people there should have the same problem and hoping people can resolve this major and serious problem Does not matter how they prevent the air pollution but still there are large population and the quality of things they need each day could not keep it down Going back to the major problem what cause this air pollution level increased rapidly nowadays

We all know that as the population increases the transportation increases the factory increases also the human activity increases It seems like transportation is the major part of the increase of air pollution in some cities people use the car or other transportation to get to the place they want to go and work it will burn lots gasoline to support them If everyone has their own cars there are going to be a problem for them to cut it down People are suffering from the carbon dioxide that they are breath in every day to harm their health Not only the human beings are suffering the plants and the animals are also suffering from the air pollution now they cannot have a better environment to grow and they do not have enough oxygens to breath Another effect of air pollution global warming due to the increased temperatures worldwide the sea levels have increased the ice from colder regions and icebergs are melting and other disasters However other than the global warming population health also considers a major problem of the cause of harmful air which are respiratory and heart problems As the harmful air can create some respiratory and heart conditions along with cancer and other diseases to the body Because of the quality of the air we breathe affects the quality of our health that will impact on the health of our lungs and the entire respiratory system Therefore many and many of people died due to this kind of effects of the air pollution Assuming there are pregnant women live in a high level of air pollution city they need to be extra careful when they walk outdoor the harmful air that they breathe in will also damage their babies in some way such as some genetic problem or born with respiratory or heart problems 

So the air pollution is very harmful and damaging our life Lastly to protect our environment and our health we need to work together as a team toward a goal There are many ways we can do to reduce the air pollution in the earth and help each other to have a clear air and have a better environment Such as use less transportation like cars buses or other that burn lots gasoline we can use the bike take a walk to the place that we want to be or having a carpool with friends or families However avoid smoking is a way to reduce air pollution too also quitting smoking is good for personal health Based on my understanding trees can observe carbon dioxide and produce oxygen so to better prevent cutting down more trees we should consider using those gas logs instead of using the wood logs for our houses or other uses Those just are some basic little tips we can consider saving the environment and save more lives from the air pollution causes

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