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In the era of reformation Propaganda is propagate by printing press throughout the Europe and especially in Germany New ideas thoughts and doctrine were made which made visible and available for the public and were used to mold and make new thoughts of the people In 1914 the fare well to arm outbreak of war is the highlighted example of propaganda propagation by the Government A military official Erich Ludenroff highlighted after the defeat of Germany that propaganda was the instrument caused defeat for Germany used by opponents 20th century was the age of new invention in propaganda and that invention was of motion r moving pictures This motion pictures invention gave strong and powerful tool to propaganda creators to enhance and console military and political interest in people and also to create the consent of rejection for the real enemy because the motion pictures were reaching the broad segment of public In 1917s October Revolution German film industry was sponsored by the Soviet to make propaganda films For instance The Battleship Potemkin film glorifies communist ideals in 1925 For the supporting of Sudetenland and attacking Poland the German film industry were making highly emotional films in WWI 

The 1930s and 1940s which is known as the rise of WWII and totalitarian state and also knowable for the Golden age of Propaganda A Germany s filmmaker named Leni Riefenstahi made a very well known propaganda movie Triumph of the Will On the other hand Americans used animation as a propaganda tool especially for to capture the attention of youth audience and aiding the effort of US war For instance Der Fuehrer's Face 1942 which was used to make fun of Hitler in very unethical and harsh manner The propaganda films 03 of America were made to create the patriotic mindset of the audience and also to persuade the viewers that their sacrifices are primary need to defeat the Axis Power Public Perception As we know that the noun propaganda was basically an effort to suppress the protestant reformation The protestant reformation was upheaval of religion cultural and intellectual which destroyed the catholic Europe Although during the first half of 20th century the meaning of the noun propaganda was debated because people thought that it's a negative thing or term Originally its translated from Latin Gerundive which means to disseminate something and in some cultures it is considered as a neutral of positive term After a great debate and with the passage of time slowly and gradually the term propaganda was considered as a strategic type of communication It is used to change the certain beliefs and expectations In English it is considered a neutral and positive term which is used to disseminate any information or idea or doctrine in the favor of any given or selected cause According to Harold Lasswell the term was considered negative by the people due to its use in the WWI by the Creel committee of America and Ministry of information in Britain Anthony Pratkanis and Elliot Aronson said in their book Age of propaganda The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion 

p 9 that the ultimate goal of propagandists is to change 04 the way people act and to leave them believing that those actions are voluntary that the newly adopted behaviors and opinion are their own Every individual keeps thoughts and beliefs so the first thing which propagandists have to do is to change the way of thinking of an individual And for this purpose propagandists use variety of techniques to transform the beliefs of and individual or group of individuals community or society For instance in 1930s radio and movies were used as a propaganda tool by propagandists The head of Nazi Germany s film propaganda division Fritz Hippler tells about the secret of an effective propaganda He says that if propagandists want an affective propaganda then they have to take two steps One is to simplify the complex issue and second is to repeat that simplification again and again Only then propagandists succeeded in transforming the belief of people or group of people and also in their goal For instance people have horrified experience and belief about terrorism So propagandists transform this horrified experience into trivial one by simplifying terrorism in TTP and by repeating this simplification again and again Now we can see that people talk about TTP or ISIS very easily and without being scared This is the ramification of propaganda technique They mostly relay over disinformation to discredit their opposition To spread the false news and information about opposition is central way of propagandists Often the source of that very false news is hidden in the garb and concealed so that it cannot traced to the base propagandists As theorists talks about propaganda and says that there are three different types of propaganda exist named White Black and Grey propaganda

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