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In the near future I hope to work in the music industry and create unique content for music labels specifically in the area of rap R B Growing up I have always been passionate about music and my goal is to incorporate my personal passion for music with my professional goal of working in creative marketing Throughout my internship experiences I have experienced the need for economic literacy on a limited level because I have only been involved in companies on very basic levels However upon reading just the first chapter of Business Essentials for Strategic Communications by Matthew Ragas and Ron Culp I realized how vital it truly is to be economically literate in order to achieve long term career success and to establish oneself as a professional I realized that without economic literacy it becomes nearly impossible for a PR professional to establish himself or herself as someone who gets a seat at the table I have always been more interested in subjects that involve the more creative side of the brain such as writing and art 

While these are my strong suits my eyes have opened up to the reality that I must become an economically literate professional in order to be taken seriously especially in a highly competitive and cutthroat industry such as entertainment One key point from the reading that stuck with me highlighted how PR is becoming more and more interconnected with organizational strategy and business and how it does not stand alone any more This is going into play by PR professionals shifting their mentality from How do I say it Into What do I do This shows that public relations is growing beyond just crafting communication and is becoming an essential component in overall organizational strategy Another point to note is that by equipping themselves with a nuts and bolts business understanding PR professionals can better understand their organization and as a result make more sound decisions By having a basic understanding of economics an organization and its stakeholders a strategic communicator can increase their value to the company by participating in more conversations and being more involved As emphasized by Ragas professionals who are economically literate are more likely to advance in their respective companies and gain salary increases as well as promotions While these benefits are reason enough to become economically literate I personally find that just being able to be involved in the big picture instead of being a counterpart to a large organization is the most significant advantage 

Throughout my internship experiences I've realized the importance of economic literacy to a moderate level in both startup environments and large corporations For instance last year I worked at a tech social media app startup organization In this particular organization there were only about 25 employees therefore there would be a company wide weekly meeting where all department heads would debrief their weekly progress and present their work to the CEO As an intern I was lucky enough to be able to sit in on these meetings and listen in on important organizational decisions However I found myself lost a majority of the time because of my lack of economic literacy and business understanding I also noticed that the PR department head my supervisor was unable to pitch in her insights to these conversations because of her lack of economic literacy From this experience I realized that it is important to be educated on all departments of a company This way you can participate in more conversations and become more of an overall asset to your organization More recently I interned at FX networks a major cable network in the publicity department FX networks had a much less inclusive work environment than the startup I previously worked at and the necessity for economic literacy became even more apparent in this experience At the start of my internship I would sit in on large meetings that discussed any topic from public relations to finances and budgeting While sitting in these meetings I realized that many of those in the PR department were unable to weigh in on various topics because they only had an understanding of their department 

Therefore this visibly left many of the public relations VP s out of organizational decisions and conversations Being that I want to work in a very competitive industry this experience taught me to set myself apart from others by gaining a basic business understanding It is key to be confident in your ability to add value to an organization and give yourself an edge over your colleagues I plan to prepare myself with a business understanding so that I can add the most value to whichever organization I choose to work for I do not want to only be recognized as someone who works in creative marketing but instead someone who specializes in that area but can still add significant value to conversations surrounding other aspects of an organization As I grow as a professional I want to become more well rounded in business and participate in big picture conversations I hope to one day make positive change in the world through the power of the music industry and I now believe that a business education is not only helpful but necessary in helping me achieve my professional goals

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