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A United States In the United States healthcare can be financed in four modes The first and oldest and most risky mode of paying for medical services was out of pocket In the first half of the twentieth century out of pocket cash payment was the most common McGraw Hill 2016 However as health services costs increased and more practical method was needed Individual private insurance is a third party mode of paying for health services Persons who sign up for individual insurance plans pay an amount towards their premium health plan and whenever health services are provided the insurance company compensates the provider Americans with these kinds of plans are still responsible for meeting their deductible and may have a copay coinsurance depending on the type of insurance plan McGraw Hill 2016 As the popularity of Private health insurance increased so did the cost of hospital care increase thus leading to a higher premium per patient 

A more cost effective solution was needed In the late 1920 s employers started offering employees insurance health plans called employment based health plans One of the benefits of these plans over the individual insurances plans were that the premium rates could be negotiated to be much less The payment of the premium would come from both the employer and employee Just like individual insurance plans insurance companies will not pay for services unless the deductibles are met Copays and Coinsurances are the patient's responsibility McGraw Hill 2016 With all of the modes of financing healthcare mentioned unemployed persons or people who are retired that is those who are most in need for access to healthcare would not have means of access Government Financing for health service helps pay for medical services for those previously mentioned Medicare is government financed insurance for the retired whereas Medicaid is for the poor Once employed in the US one of the salary deductions collected by the government is Medicare However these benefits are not available to you until you turn 65 years In other words current payments paid by the working force is used to pay for insurance of the current elderly Depending on the type of plan someone purchases will determine the type of coverage that they can get Some insurance companies require the insured to first see a primary care physician before seeing a specialist where some plans permit the flexibility of going straight to a specialist 

When it comes to Public health services those are funded through Federal monies such state funds B Canada A common misconception in the United States is that healthcare is free in Canada What is true is that health services in Canada is ran similar to that of Medicare in the US however it is not limited to the retired elderly but for all Canadian citizens This type of insurance is called universal healthcare A tax financed system generated from income tax and sales tax fund the for this universal health care To control costs Canada uses a fee schedule just like how Medicare uses one in the US In addition to having a fee schedule Canada has a global budgets system that is a fixed yearly amount that the government will pay to providers with a given year Since the government fully pays for treatment patients will not have a coinsurance that is whatever is paid by the government to the provider is the full amount to be received by the provider In Canada patients have the luxury of seeing which ever doctor they want It is not as restricted as the in the US however most people see their PCP and then get a referral to a specialist if further investigation is needed In Canada Public Health services like the US are funded through the federal government C Great Britain The public service in England properly known as The National Health Service NS is the main way of funding of health services to the British 

The NHS provides free healthcare services to all legal British citizens and the monies for providing this free health services comes from taxation general and local taxation and through private contributions NHS however is not the only way of providing insurance to the people of the state Persons in Great Britain have the option of obtaining private healthcare for whatever reason they may seem fit Similar to that of Canada and the US patients have to see a general practitioner first before seeing a specialist Funding for Public Health services also come from taxation Germany Healthcare in Germany follows a social insurance model The insurance companies are nonprofit and are called sickness funds or SHI Statutory Health Insurance Every citizen in Germany is required to enroll and be covered with health insurance If someone loses their job and had employment based insurance their health insurance will still be retained The healthcare providers and the hospitals are paid with the sickness funds The amount that the providers receives will be determined by the numbers of patients that are being cared for Germany and Great Britain have a similarity when it comes to the delivery of healthcare services The Germans can choose their General Practitioner and then can choose to see a specialist with getting a referral from a Primary Care Physician When it comes to Public Health funds that also comes from the sickness funds

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