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THE PROJECT FLOW In this project implementation we are planning on reducing cheating on the SHS students in every exams or tests This project is good for classrooms with tables We plan on making the anti cheating helmet which will cover the view of the students in sideways We can conduct a study if the project implementation can gradually reduce cheating among Senior high school students Aforementioned in our rationale that there are also another techniques or ways that can help prevent or reduce cheating and with those aforementioned we are sure that we can gradually reduce or prevent students from cheating THE PROJECT STATEMENT OF THE PROJECT For this project what we want to be done would be to lessen the cheating within the senior high school students during tests Cheating is always there it always occurs on every class because students are afraid to fail What we want to do in this project is for the students to have their own anti cheating helmet It would nice to block the student's communication with each other so they can only focus on their own sheets So in this way the teacher can easily see or detect if there is cheating going on 

The benefits of this project implementation it would give the school or the department graduates an advantage they most likely to get used in studying and being honest during exams Also the students will less likely to bunked classes for them to learn and pass IMPORTANCE OF THE PROJECT The importance of this project is to have the students to practice not to cheat It can also lead to proper learning of the senior high school students It will also lessen the cheating on every class on every examination days or quizzes lastly to gradually stop this epidemic SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Our project implementation would be needing folders We will be the one to provide the folders for the project outputs If there is a need of funds our estimated cost would be 10 000 pesos and that is all would be needed to execute this project The project execution will start as soon as the project will be implemented IMPLEMENTATION SCHEME Project Title Curving Cheating among Senior High School Students Project Proponents UC Main SHS Board HUMSS Providence 1P SHS students Project Location UC Main SHS department Project Duration Every exam tests quizzes Project technical design plan To create an anti cheating helmet and that will cover each student's communication with each other Project Costs All in all it would be 10 000 pesos 

CHAPTER 2 PRESENTATION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROJECT WORK STAGES In this part of the paper are the key stages of work in the project proposal from the inception through to completion To understand the various stages of a construction project 1 PLAN This is the part where our group would be planning on how the project should be done The procedures and the execution of the works on the project Also what are the materials needed 2 WRITING THE PROJECT PROPOSAL We will be writing a project proposal to elaborate the detailed description of a series of activities that we aimed at solving a certain problem which is the curving of cheating among senior high school students in the UC main campus 3 EXECUTION After the project had been proposed then the project will be implemented then after that we will execute the project after the fund will be given After the giving of the fund we will purchase the needed Items After the purchase of the needed materials we will give the tasks for the executed project to the SHS students and also the faculty with the consent from the SHS principal Also the testing of the project outputs

4 OBSERVING EXAMINATION INTERVIEWING Project observation Observing if the project will achieve the goal if it will be executed properly Examination of the project if the project is effective and uncomplicated to use Interviewing the SHS students and the faculty of what are their reactions or comments about the proposed project after the project had been used or implemented TOOLS equipment AND MATERIALS USED For the anti-cheating helmet or the shield boards Folders Glue guns Glue sticks Staplers PROJECT SYSTEM In this part of the paper will be discussed the work breakdown responsibility assignments and Gantt chart WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE RESOURCE ASSIGNMENT A TASK ASSIGNMENT STUDENTS The senior high school students are assigned to do the proposed project which is the anti-cheating SCHOOL ASSISTANCE 

They will be the one to provide the funds needed JANITORIAL STAFFS They will be the one to keep the outputs after it s usage FACULTY STAFFS They wil be the one to supervised the students on exams or tests The project proposal We will be the one to instruct on how to use and make the anti cheating helmets PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION This graph below shows how this project proposal will be implemented CHAPTER III SUMMARY AND IMPLEMENTATIONS SUMMARY Our project implementation is titled curving cheating among senior high school students which we will most likely want to reduce cheating during exams In over all recap the project will make an helmet that we call anti cheating helmet it will be use by the students during of course exams tests quizzes We proposed this project to make everyone in the SHS department understand that cheating is never the answer to pass The project is about giving or making these helmets so that the students will take learning seriously Most of the students in the SHS department are more likely take the classes for granted and just show in school for attendance and when there is an important test or quiz We are not generalizing everyone in the department but most of the students A project like this could really help students learning skills improves because they would likely learn study and show up at classes

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