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In to Kill A Mockingbird they deal racism heartbreak and family all in one But what happens when sin comes into play This story deals with lies and betrayal that come from a family with a drunken dad and a daughter who fears what will happen if she tells the truth The novel to kill a mockingbird teaches us that sin is found everywhere even in a small town like Maycomb Everyone is born to sin some just do it more than others By definition sin is an immortal act considered to be a transgression against a divine law Many people sin for different reasons We often do it because we fear what will happen if we tell the truth this is why the people of Maycomb sinned Mayella is scared to tell the truth because she fears what her father will do if she does Bob already abuses Mayella as it is so what punishment would happen if she tells the truth Mayella's father was the one who drove her to lie Family is important in the Finch s case but for the Ewell s there family members were the ones who caused each other to sin To Kill A Mockingbird shows many examples sin I think that the main one they use is lying The biggest lie they tell in the book is that Mayella was raped by Tom Robinson

She testifies with her father to try and get him put in jail for a crime that he has not committed In all reality they are lying to try and cover up that fact 1 that Bob beats Mayella and possibly rapes her and 2 that Mayella tried to kiss Tom Robinson They are both people of circumstance If Mayella wouldn't have tried to kiss Tom Bob wouldn't have ever gotten mad at her And if Bob wouldn't have been angry at the fact that Tom actually showed Mayella some affection maybe he wouldn't have sinned by getting Tom put into jail There is another time in the book where they not necessarily commit sin but they talk about it We learn from the book that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird But we do not learn who that is tell later Boo Radley ends up being the mockingbird We describe him to be this way because he has never done no harm to anybody We later go on to say that it would be a sin to send him to jail They luckily make the right decision to not kill the mockingbird They fight the urge to sin because they knew what was truthfully the right thing to do in that situation A quote from the book says shoot all the bluejays you want if you can hit em but remember it is a sin to kill a mockingbird We all have personal experiences that help define who we are The sin the Mayella and Bob committed defined them to be liers I have lied a couple times in my life that have help me better myself to not make the same mistake again I know everyone has their own beliefs of what is moral and what is not I also understand that some people just simply do not care Here are some personal experiences of how 

I have sinned and how I have tried to get away with it and how I have fessed up When I was younger I really wanted to paint my fingernails I even got Raeann in on my evil plot to paint them on the living room couch I thought it would be a great idea to paint them on one of the cushions on the couch sadly my great idea turned into a very terrible one We ended up spilling the nail polish all over the cushion and i committed sin by trying to cover it up with a pillow Sadly the bright pink was almost impossible to cover up I tried to lie and eventually got caught To bad this wasn't the same case for Tom in To Kill A Mockingbird if it was he would still be alive and Bob wouldn't have been able to hurt someone else Because of my parents rules in the house I was never really able to do anything that bad I understand that times have changed and it's not the 1930 s anymore we have different expectations If Bob wouldn't have been such a bad father Mayella wouldn't ever have been seeking affection from Tom I think what I am trying to say here is that a strong bond from a family member can drive you to sin and can also stop you from doing it as well We understand now that the novel to kill a mockingbird teaches us that sin is found everywhere even in a small town like Maycomb Now we know many things drive us to sin Tom Robinson's family was changed from the lie that Mayella and Bob created They will have to learn how to live without him and as for Mayella she will have to learn how to cope with the sin she has committed Everybody is born to sin all that matters is how you make up for what you have done

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