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In today's society many life threatening diseases and illnesses plague humanity most of which have no definite cure With the data received from research on human embryonic stem cells scientists have the potential to develop a cure to diseases such as Parkinson s heart disease cancer and many other harmful diseases Most of the data obtained from research involves human embryos and fetuses In one method scientists harvest stem cells from human fetuses from fertility clinics that are left over from assisted reproduction attempts From using this method the human fetus or embryo is neither destroyed nor harmed in any way However if the abortion of fetuses is the means by which fetal stem cells are obtained then the killing of a human fetus is involved Although some believe that harvesting embryonic stem cells is completely immoral despite the methods and should not continue I believe that the continuation of this act is justified as long as human fetuses are not harmed or destroyed in any way Firstly those who believe that embryonic stem cell research is unjustified in its acts have a very valid reason in believing so

Like previously stated some methods of obtaining stem cells involve killing the fetus entirely This is a clear fault in our current methods of obtaining stem cells and should not be taken lightly Additionally there has been little to no circumstances where scientists completely cured a patient from any disease whether it be Parkinson s diabetes or any other disease Though embryonic stem cells have been purported as holding great medical promise reports of actual clinical success have been few Instead scientists conducting research on embryonic stem cells have encountered significant obstacles including tumor formation unstable gene expression and an inability to stimulate the cells to form the desired type of tissue Linda Bevington It s entirely prevalent that scientists are far from perfecting their methods of curing patients and this is a concerning issue As well as scientists not being very successful with curing patients there is a confliction with morality of obtaining data from human embryos fetuses by Christian beliefs From Colossians 1 16 For in him all things were created things in heaven and on earth visible and invisible whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities all things have been created through him and for him In this bible verse it essentially states that all beings are created by God and for God and that we should not be using his creation for our sole purposes Overall using embryonic stem cell research is a controversial topic and since there have been little to no specific times where a person have been cured and with issues of morality by Christian beliefs there is no wonder why some believe this research should be halted entirely However we as a people need to take into consideration of the possible benefits of continuing research Furthermore if embryonic stem cells have been obtained with no harm inflicted then I believe our society must overlook the morality issues due to the fact that once perfected hundreds of life threatening diseases can be effectively cured Assuming that the harvested stem cells are received without harming the fetus and assuming that the recipient of the treatment is cured entirely this would be undoubtedly one of the greatest milestones of medicine ever However we will not achieve this unless we as a people continue funding on this topic

Medical miracles do not happen simply by accident They result from painstaking and costly research from years of lonely trial and error much of which never bears fruit and from a government willing to support that work Barack Obama As stated by Obama we cannot achieve this goal without the money to do so Prior to Obama signing the executive order concerning stem cell research our overall funding was roughly 40 million and for a subject of this magnitude this is very little After this order however our overall spending is predicted to increase drastically States could be spending over 500 million annually on stem cell research over the next 8 10 years Jim Fossett To advance our research and knowledge concerning embryonic stem cells this is a significant step in the right direction Along with the obvious result of simply knowing more about stem cells from federal funding the government could also enforce heavier restrictions involving harvesting these cells

They can monitor the practices and require that scientists or researchers must comply to strict guidelines or else they will not receive any funding For example the government can ensure that all embryos are obtained with consent from embryo storage clinics and that no embryos are sold for a profit If this were funded by private donors creating regulations would be extremely difficult if not impossible to put in place In addition the government could remove the gray area of legal and moral indifferences between states Many different states had their own separate opinions and bans on stem cell research and it became very confusing For example in the state of Michigan researchers could not use embryos that resided in the state itself resulting state and other highly prestigious universities to have embryos imported into the state from elsewhere With federal funding this gray area of unnecessary bureaucracy on state and federal levels would be eradicated thus making research overall more logical as well as efficient Promising researchers would have been reluctant to spend resources and many hours into research if it would be illegal thus resulting in a complete waste of time and money With federal control over the situation instances like this will not happen Overall federal funding can manufacture guidelines monitor how embryos are used and eliminate confusing contradictions involve state and federal indifferences

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