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Abstract In today's world the data related to mobile gadget and recent technology has been well displayed and documented in the World Bank This article states the analysis that will explain how the beneficial information has been projected on the World Bank website in the terms of understanding the market economics in the countries like United Kingdom South Korea Australia and Argentina Moreover the website is managed and updated by a team of specialists who offer guidance to our various business ventures and will provide detail and relevant information for financial statistics The World Bank website also analysis all the variables in details the demographic the geographical factors the psychographic variations and the behavioristic variations For instance the most basic purpose for using cell phones the areas which are no go zones for any kind of business it also has details related to government law for specific locations Thus the information provided on this website will help grow the business globally with a better understanding ESSENCE OF WORLD BANK WEBSITE Currently up to 75 percent of the entire world's inhabitants has access to mobile phones This is according to the information contained in the World Bank website which most individuals rely on quite earnestly In the contemporary society it is apparent that people are greatly obsessed with recent developments in the domain of technology 

Mobile phones happen to be one of the most essential gadgets that people in the current world own They are essential owing to the fact that they make it possible for people to communicate with a lot of ease juxtaposed with the situation formerly when technology was just an illusion With the current spate of events it is no wonder that the World Bank has also taken a critical role in ensuring that substantial information relating to mobile gadgets is relayed to the interested parties accordingly This analysis will seek to offer a description on how useful information available on the World Bank website is in terms of assisting individuals to understand the potential of various market economies such as the United Kingdom South Korea Australia and Argentina There are a lot of recompenses emanating from individuals decision to visit the World Bank website For instance an individual gets to learn how essential cell phones are to individuals in different nations In this case they can make an informed decision on whether or not to supply the gadgets to the inhabitants of a particular country For instance an experience is highlighted in one of the cases in Senegal pertaining to the women who are more often than not maligned and degraded by individuals in the society It has been established that the introduction of more technological devices such as the cell phones is likely to be an added advantage for this group of people owing to the fact that it improves their literacy levels Business 2008 The mobile implements are bound to be used as tools of learning and in this case it would appear that supplying cell phones in the country may end up being profitable to the investor Besides it is evident that the cost of doing business may at times end up being very expensive It is nonetheless evident that by visiting the World Bank website an individual can be aware in case there are some no go zones especially in nations that are actually experiencing heightened tension that would be bad for business 

Besides offering resourceful financial information and statistic the website is also controlled by experts who detail relevant information from specialists who offer pertinent advice regarding initiating various business ventures such as the cell phone business in foreign nations United Kingdom There are definitely a lot of things that one can learn from the website in question regarding this nation By visiting the World Bank website it is easy for individuals to comprehend whether certain markets are potential markets for mobile phones For instance the World Bank offers statistics indicating the number of people in the United Kingdom who have access to the cell phones and also how the gadgets are used It has been observed that 78529373 cell phone subscribers are available in this nation which ranks at position 20 worldwide Factbook 2015 The idea that United Kingdom is a hub for business and is also linked to other developed nations may act as a major consideration for a person seeking to introduce a cell phone business in the country Information offered in the above mentioned website is detailed to a point that it helps businesses to know which is mainly used as the most basic factor in mobile phones for the inhabitants in the UK If for example it emerges that majority of users are dependent on these phones for research the mobile developers can use this information to improve all the elements on the phone that are interrelated with research

 One other essential use of data from the website pertains to the fact that the specific number of individuals using cell phones in the United Kingdom can be discerned In this case the marketer can know what number would satisfy the market instead of supplying insufficient or excess gadgets Evidence purports that information on cellular subscription per 100 people is available on the website detailing the numbers since 1960 Factbook 2015 For high income economies such as the United Kingdom mobile phone usage may be higher compared to other smaller economies and this can be clarified by information available on the World Bank website an indication on how essential the site is to users Kuek 2015 Also it saves individuals the hassle of having to seek portions of information from other sources when it is actually available in full at the website

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